If AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular) is your cellular service provider, here's the lowdown on how to use SMS with your phone.

Notes: The address for sending pictures -- assuming you have an MMS-compatible phone -- is

You can check with AT&T customer service (dial 611 on your mobile phone) if you have questions about rate plans or if you have problems with your SMS service (e.g. you're getting unwanted messages).

Updated 7/2/2008

For whatever reason, does not work on my phone. Another option is Also, there is a separate address to send pictures (as opposed to just text)...
Don't forget about for former at&t wireless phones.
After sending test messages and MMS messages from my phone, I was able to receive replies to the addresses and with useful Subject: and From: headers, but now those do not seem to work, and only mail filteres through the filter with anonymized 'From:101001017' headers seem to arrive.

(I am using Cingular through Trakfone, so that may be an issue.)
who pays for the sending half of the cost when you send form e-mail? Does the receiver pay double?

If teleflip is free does that mean its free to receive too?

Can a phone setup to receive text msgs but not e-mail still do this receiving of e-mail as a text msg?
Anonymous: When you send an SMS message to someone via email, you're not charged. And the recepient is only charged their usual SMS message fee to receive the text message (they are not double-charged). The carriers only charge to *send* or *receive* text messages *on your phone*.

Teleflip is free to send but the recipient will still get charged for receiving the text message. (Unless they have an unlimited SMS account.)

And if you can receive SMS messages, you can use your phone's SMS address as a way of receiving ordinary Internet emails, yes. However, the messages you receive will be very short (depending on the carrier's limits for text messages) and you may not be able to reply.
It appears that cingular has taken out the ability to send text messages from their site. no longer works!
Cingular doesn't appear to want to keep customers. Anyone up to switching to a service that cares about what the client wants?
charge to send sms, i understand.. but charge to receive sms? weird..... works for me, not .com
I is so weird to charge to recieve SMS messages....what if someone keeps sending email to you on your cell using end up paying...

if I were to get a call that I do not want to accept...I can reject it...and not loose airtime or pay if I am going over my quota....

what is the way to "rject" a SMS that you do not wish to recieve...-:(

Cingular...very bad on this one...
if you follow your own link in the instructions, you'll find the current address is now
"what is the way to "rject" a SMS that you do not wish to recieve...-:("

At least for me, just don't open it. If I don't actually open the SMS, I'm not charged for it. I even have a friend who has a phone that scrolls the contents of a message across the screen in the "inbox" view, but as long as she reads them that way rather than actually opening them, she's never charged for receiving them. So she never opens texts.
afaik, you are charged the txt fee whether you open it or not...though I don't know...

As far as the address(es)...I think the latest is

Does anyone know if that address will accept attachments though, say a ringtone (mp3)? :)
what if i recieve a text and not open it does it still count as an opened test
The new addresses are for SMS and for MMS messages.
I Pray to God to give U
I Pray to God to give U
aur SNEH.
Cingular is now just AT&T, the new address to the phones are:
Just to let you know, any "former Cingular" customer is going to have the same e-mail as an at&t subscriber. To e-mail a text it's the phone number and for mms it's the phone number You can find this info on at&t's website. I know this information is correct because I work as a customer care rep for the company.
I am a former Cingular customer, and just tried this. It did not work with, but did work with (Best for MMS) (Best for SMS) (loses from address) (loses from address) (loses from address and splits message)
hey can you send like music or ringtones?
is there any way to email ringtones to my phone? my sd card has failed, and i tried a new one and still nothing works...i don't want to purchase more ringtones thru my phone, as that costs too much. i have some on my laptop but don't know how to get it over to my att phone...

any ideas!? thanks!
ok i have att and unlimited msgs so i wanna kno if i receive email to my phone and i send msgs from my phon to an email do i get charged for doin that?
anyway to program sim so it doesn't overwrite deleted sms? I am trying to check up on teenagers activities. my reader indicates everytime he deletes, new ones overwrite, so unrecoverable.
att 64k sim card in a samsung a707
You are awesome. Thanks!
u r amazing. these directions worked very well. thnx
does at&t keep and archive old text messages? if so, how long do they keep them? if someone wanted historic text message data, how far back can it be retrieved, and does it contain the actual text mesage or just the number?
Looking to find the lowest cost US SMS carrier - i.e. leave a device on network and only use it for 2 sms's a month. No other data. Any ideas?
I have been trying to send sms via email to an ATT phone with no luck. I've been using ATT sites shows but that does not work either. Any thoughts???
work just fine!!! thx bro!!!
OMG if only I had known this 2 years ago! I could have been chatting with my hubby who is in Greenland!!! >:( should work fine. I have been testing this capability with no problem. Do remember to put just 10-digit, no 1 in the front.

By the way, does anybody know how to send from e-mail as if it was from another phone (that is, no FRM and no MSG tags)? Thanks!
Thanks! Super helpful. Works like a charm!
Due to the patriot act, cellphone companies are required to keep text messages on their servers indefinitely. They can be retrieved by law enforcement with a court order (warrant).

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