T-Mobile SMS

If you've got a T-Mobile cell phone, here's the lowdown on using SMS text messaging with your mobile.

Updated 7/2/2008

What happens to longer messages: ?? I found through experience that longer messages are converted into MMS messages and sent as an MMS message and charged at the MMS rate.
One fairly unique feature T-Mobile has is if you send an email to xxxxxxxxxx@tmomail.net you can include picture attachments and it will be converted to a MMS message and send the picture to your phone.

If you're using outlook you should copy/paste the picture into the email instead of using the 'attach' button. It sets up the headers differently.
W hat has happened to my text messages that are longer than+140 characters is that it divides into 2 massages the first containing the first half and shortly after the second half arrives. I have T-Mobile and my girlfriend has Cingular we both write long messages.
Is there any way to to tell who the provider (e.g. T-Mobile or Verizon) is, based upon the cell-phone number?
Joshua, yes there is, just go to www.whitepages.com and click "reverse phone" then type in the number. It should tell you the carrier
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when i want to send a picture to my computer. where do i send it to get it on my computer....
Note that T-Mobile does not obligate itself to support all five-digit SMS codes. As of mid-December 2007, T-Mobile was blocking subscribers from sending SMS messages to the Twitter service.
well it will divide it into two messages for some phones however it depends on the phone not the carrier. tmobile will support dividing the message if the phone is compatible
trying to find out when will TMObile activate their MS SMS Link which is used by the Office 2007 Ultimate Version for mobile notification feature ???
Anyone can help...
Oddly, for me, longer messages get divided into a bunch of SMS messages (instead of into an MMS message), but that could simply be because of the data plan I have, TMo doesn't make any extra money by sending it as an MMS message.

Thanks much for everyone's input on this topic.

Currently I'm working on implementing an SMS Status program for my server to text me with vital (and not so vital) status messages (such as UPS/Power status, server errors, and messages when certain sites are loaded). Any suggestions for that would be great (if need be I am going to set up a mail server and send via that - but optimally, using something like WGet and duplicating what their web form sends would be simpler I think).


I am living in Germany and have a t-mobile plan on my cell. i have been trying to send messages to my phone using email and it hasn't been working. so how do i send it to a phone which has the 0049 prefix?

I recently received a pic msg from a number I didn't recognize,however the pic was of a friend of mine. I replied to the number and the person had no idea what I was talking about. It was another tmobile customer.I asked my friend to confirm that she did in fact send that pic from HER phone and no one elses and she did only send the pic from HER phone. Why would it have a different number attached to it?any ideas?
I got a blackberry curve with T-mobile 2 days ago. I was able to send text messages to Sprint phones, but I couldn't receive them. I was also unable to send or receive texts from AT&T phones. I have no problems sending or receiving Verizon texts. I called customer service and they told me I may need to replace my SIM card, which I did yesterday. I am still experiencing the same problem. Customer support said it may take 72 hours for my phone to work properly. Has anyone else had similar issues, and if so, were they able to resolve them?
I have my mail from AOL forwarded to my T Mobile phone. Does anybody know if all the mail which hits the cell is charged? If so, how can I stop the junk mail from coming across other than trying to stop it from hitting my AOL account?
I have had T-Mobile for years now. I have only had 1 or two problems but they were more my fault than theirs. Also the G1 with Android is fun also.

I signed up for an account at TxtMobster.com to get around paying for text messages, and i chat/can text anyone on any provider anywhere in the world, or unlimited contacts at once.
i live in london and ive got a t-mobile plan...ive been trying to figure out the email address for my number..i tired quite a few...but it does'nt work....does anyone know how i can fin out my t-mobile email address for text messaging services...thanks
I can't send any messages to my phone via email. I triple checked the address, but the message does not make it to my phone. :-(
I would like to email an attached audio file to my phone to use as a ring tone. I have the new Samsung t139 from T-Mobile. Is it possible?

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