mixd: Yahoo’s SMS networking service.

November 30, 2006 by Dylan Tweney

Yahoo now has an site, like Twittr or Dodgeball, that lets you communicate with your friends, set up get-togethers, and share pictures and videos, all via SMS and MMS text messaging. It’s called mixd and it’s free to use. You can sign up at the mixd web site or check it out by sending a text message containing the word “try” to 445566. You’ll need to validate your mobile phone number to start, and sign up for a Yahoo ID if you don’t already have one. The service is just getting started so there’s no telling how many people are actually using it — probably not that many — but if you can convince your friends to sign up too, hey, it might be useful and fun.

(Thanks to Natali del Conte at TechCrunch for breaking the news about this)

2 Responses to “mixd: Yahoo’s SMS networking service.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, It’s gone, now.

    “Thanks for the memories, I had a blast!

    Mixd is going away, for now.

    The Mixd pilot study ended on February 25th, and the service will no longer be available. We’ve learned a lot from here, and you can expect to see more great mobile products from Yahoo! in the future.

    Thanks for your participation in Mixd. For more mobile, check out Yahoo! Mobile.”

  2. I found your site in this weeks PC World magazine. I would like to add the following text emailing address for Canada’s Telus Mobile Network – messages would be sent to (10digitmobilenumber@msg.telus.com )

    Thank you for all you have done,

    Claude Poirier
    Dresden, Ontario, Canada

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