How to send email to any phone

17-07-2006 by Dylan Tweney

SMS isn’t just for sending text messages from one phone to another — it’s also a great way to get email messages on your phone.

Yes, you can get email on your phone — even if you have an old-style “feature phone” and not a smartphone! All you need to know is your cell phone’s email address.

This page explains how to figure out your phone’s email address, so people can send email to you via SMS.

Most carriers have “SMS gateways” which take email messages from the Internet and deliver them to their customers’ cell phones as SMS text messages. The trick is that you need to know what carrier the recipient’s phone is on — it’s not enough to know their phone number. That’s because the carrier determines what the email address of the receiving phone is going to be. For example, AT&T’s phones are all “” while Verizon phones are “”

Sound complicated? It’s not. All you really need to do is find your carrier in the list below, and then use the pattern shown there to figure out your email address. If you want to send email to a friend’s phone, just ask them which carrier they use, and off you go!

(Note: For the major carriers, I’ve included a link to a page with more detailed information on how SMS works with that carrier, how much it costs, and where you can find more information. In the list below, just click any carrier’s highlighted name to find out more.)

If you’ve got corrections or updates to the information here, please post it in the comments, and we’ll update this page with the latest info!

[10-digit phone number]

AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular)
[10-digit phone number]

For multimedia (picture and video) messages, use [10-digit-number]

Boost Mobile
[10-digit phone number]

Cricket Wireless
[10-digit phone number]

For multimedia messages: [10-digit phone number]

[10-digit phone number]

[10-digit phone number]

Tracfone or Straight Talk
The address varies. Click this link to find out how to discover yours.


Virgin Mobile USA
[10-digit phone number]

Other U.S. and Canadian carriers:

Bell Canada: [10-digit-phone-number]

Centennial Wireless: [10-digit-phone-number]

Cellular South: [10-digit-phone-number]

Cincinnati Bell: [10-digit-phone-number]

Metro PCS: [10-digit-phone-number] or [10-digit-phone-number]

Qwest: [10-digit-phone-number]

Rogers: [10-digit-phone-number]

Suncom: [10-digit-phone-number]

Telus: [10-digit-phone-number]

U.S. Cellular: [10-digit-phone-number]



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365 Responses to “How to send email to any phone”

  1. a person says:

    everytime i do it, it says message failed

  2. CP says:

    For TracFone and most MVNO’s, use the SMS gateway email address of the actual carrier. For example, a CDMA TracFone provisioned to the Verizon Wireless network would receive SMS through the Verizon gateway even though it is a TracFone.

  3. david says:

    What about sending to a straight talk phone? You don’t have information on it.

  4. Susan says:

    If you use Solavei, you can use the tMobile address

    [10-digit phone number]

  5. David says:

    Picture messages to Sprint is: [10-digit-phone-number]

  6. dman says: now translates to

  7. C says:

    what about tracphone?

    • Ron Morris says:

      Tracfone is USUALLY AT&T, but they are a reseller, and can use other carriers. Try each one until you find one that works, or research the called party’s phone number to see which carrier owns it. If it was ported to Tracfone, it will be of the carrier that originally issued it.

  8. Crystal says:

    what if it requires a confirmation and the link isn’t showing up? is there a way to have the email diverted so you can confirm the email?

  9. ashleyy says:

    what if u try to send a email msg to someone who has a cricket phone but it keeps saying it failed and all that?? idk what to do

  10. Shawn says:

    I have a net10 cell phone and it is prepaid how would i sent messages to it and some of my other family members i cant figure out how to do it.

  11. carrie says:

    i’ve been trying to send pictures to my friend who has at&t from my gmail, but it just isn’t working. i used the format and still nothing. i can send pictures to verizon phones, easy. so why doesn’t at&t work?

  12. marc says:

    Anyone know Global Gossip in Australia??

  13. mcgoo says:

    how can you send it to a straight talk phone

  14. TJ says:

    How do you email files to your phone?

  15. joe says:

    How about email to a Turkcell phone?

  16. Karim says:

    If you don’t know you can try [number]

  17. austin says:

    Hi guys, do u know how someone can tell if an incoming call is forwarded?as in i can ask users to forward their calls to a specific number then respond to the missed call with an SMS

  18. ekwunife says:

    If you want to customize alerts for certain emails you can try it will send an SMS when you get a certain email and you can customize the message you receive. This can be helpful if you want the SMS to not contain some part of the original message (like the sender info) for privacy purposes.

  19. chau says:

    does this cost for tmobile?

  20. Mitch says:

    Hi, I’m on Telstra Next G Mobile in Australia and I wanted to know how to find out mobile phone’s email address.

  21. were iz straight talk???????????????????

    • Julian says:

      Straight Talk is sold only at Wal-mart for now. Has 2 plans one for $30 and the other for $45 unlimited per month. Hope this helps.

  22. Does it also works in india ?

  23. shveta says:

    what about the format for reliance o vodafone for india..plz help..!!

  24. nari says:

    what about GT&T in guyana

  25. akm says:

    Yahoo email not working 4 send text to Verizon cell phone?

  26. Dispatch says:

    So far all of these are working for a text software package we are using for group texting (Emergency Fire/EMS Dispatching)

  27. Kyrious says:

    And who pays for it??? The reciever?

  28. philip says:

    does anyone know the address for Orange Spain? I´ve tried just about every combination and havent found it yet

  29. chewythings says:

    If you want to customize alerts for certain emails you can try it will send an SMS when you get a certain email and you can customize the message you receive. This can be helpful if you want the SMS to not contain some part of the original message (like the sender info) for privacy purposes.

  30. Tim says:

    My friend in Australia has 3 as her provider. Does anyone know how I can get their E-mail address?

  31. Javier says:

    I need one for pocket wireless

  32. jIM says:

    Thanx dude u rock! HOPE IT WORKS.

  33. Quora says:

    What’s the cheapest way to send text messages (SMS) between consumers in the US & UK?…

    The cheapest way to send a text message from the US to the UK, and vice versa, is via SMS-to-Email and Email-to-SMS gateways. Most providers let you send an SMS to an arbitrary e-mail address for the cost of a standard SMS (that is to say, no internati…

  34. Veronica says:

    How do you send text also media pictures to a simple mobile phone?

  35. Brittanie says:

    to send a picture to a verizon phone its (phone number)

    • Jeff says:

      Brittanie, I tried to send my daughter a pic on her cell phone – from my computer – using the gateway suffix you provided on your post – It did not work. She has a Walmart Samsung Straight Talk phone (utilizing Verizon). She says that she CAN receive texts and pics on it. She did receive a text I sent her using the gateway suffix –, but I got the following error message when I tried to send her a pic from my computer to her phone, using the suffix – Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

  36. Very cool post!

    I have used AOL instant messager in the past to send texts to people when my phone was broken. Just type + and the 10 digit number to send a text.

    Ex. +15554349898

  37. Arizona Chick says:

    what about if you dont know what phone company they have!?! how can you send a email to them!?!

  38. MC_2010 says:

    Thank you very much. What about STC, Mobily, Zain (Saudi Arabia)? When I send MMS from my phone to my E-mail address, the sender appears as []. I tried sending emails to this address, but it didn't work. Any help?

  39. Two time i got error 20115 but now its working..well

  40. Kevo says:

    hey whats the address for straighttalk?

  41. chyanna says:

    does anyone know how to text revol wireless phones from the computer ?

  42. chyanna says:

    hey does anyone know how to send a text from the computer to revol wireless phones ?

  43. J. Noble Daggett says:

    Youghiogeny communicatons DBA POCKET COMMUNICATIONS in Texas. What is their gateway, I'm dying to find out!!! I been wanting to find out to text my brother down there for free. or what? Email me at

  44. anynomous says:

    does it cost money?

  45. Tom says:

    Whats the adress for Centenial of Puerto Rico. The one here dont work!

  46. todd says:

    Everyone knows that you can just send an sms with no carrier info from gmail right? You goto the google labs tab in gmail and add the send sms mesages through chat. Then as long as you have a mobile number entered for this contact just type there name in the chat search box and up will pop there phone number, click on it and send away as a text message to there phone! No email address needed. Otherwise if your so inclined just sign up for google voice and there is a send text message box right there, Just type in the phone number and send.

  47. scarlett says:

    Does anyone know a service or plug-in that I could use on my PHP based website that would automatically look up the carrier/mobile address when a phone number is entered?

  48. @mipaca says:

    Thanks for this article it was very helpful in creating a website to MMS coupon service.

  49. joe says:

    i have a tracfone, but i always get "sms restriction 45" code everytime i send text messages international…pls help, thnx

  50. florida girll says:

    im tryn 2 txt to a boostmobile from my computer but my emails arnt getn 2 da boostmobile phone is there another way???

  51. I am using this tricks for almost 2 years, and It works for me.=)

  52. Anything for Rogers Canada?

  53. sam says:

    okay m friend has sprint and i am trying to send my friend a sound in the text but it has been like 20 min. and he hasn't gotten it yet but when i tried it on my phone it arrived in like 2 min. anyone have an idea if sprint/nextel will take to get their or if they have a multimedia alternate message

  54. Brittany says:

    i am trying to send pics to my phone from my email but its not working right what should i do i think i am doing it wrong

  55. chasey says:

    anyone know how to send one to a page plus ohone

  56. cybermonkey says:

    Need the format for revol phones

  57. Angi says:

    The easy way to find out what your wireless carriers SMS is to send a text msg from your phone to your email address. When you get the email it will show you the address it came from.

  58. t-man123 says:

    us celler?? what is the SMS 4 that?

  59. Tyre says:

    What the one for net 10

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    what about straight talk???

  61. C. Nelson says:

    For those who want to know how to email to Koodo its (for example Ill just use 5’s and 2’s

  62. Bailey says:

    Is there a way to send picture messages to telus? like there is txt messages? ( cause i can't send picture messges using that one.?

  63. tearsie says:

    what do you do for teacfones?

  64. Bailey says:

    Is there a way to send picture messages to telus? like there is txt messages? ( cause i can't send picture messges using that one.?

  65. Guest says:

    I have an At&T cell phone and with my old cell phone from same company I could send text or mms to my home computer but with the newer cell phone it ask for a number every time I try to send something to my home computer. I don't know what number it wants since it is being sent to an email address and not another cell phone.

  66. ashley says:

    US Celler??…..whats the SMS 4 that??

  67. kevin says:

    how do i send a picture from an email to a phone? email me at

  68. Rodney says:

    The new Google Voice allows you to send SMS for free to a phone number on any mobile service without all the need to do addressing.

  69. Tori says:

    How do I send an email to my phone? The carrier is Page Plus.

  70. ella says:

    i needed the address for Denmark?? plz help

  71. jen says:

    im trying to send a picture from my email address that i have stored in my computer to my cel phone, whats the email address to send pic messages from at&t?

  72. dwayne says:

    att lets you send sms to an email. just put the email in place of the phone number

  73. Ricky says:

    i need optimus portugal

  74. ricardo whyte says:

    what is the sms email address for claro in jamaica

  75. ghoefflin says:

    First of all I need to make clear that I am not a techy-but I am not unknowledgable either. I am trying to research
    –which cell phone carriers allow sending a text to an email (versus ending an email to a cell phone) and if there is an extra charge if it is considered data
    –which cell phone carriers allow sending a picture message to an email and if there is an extra charge if it is considered data

    I know you can send from email (PC) to text (cell phone) but I am looking for the submission the other way. The support folks for the various carriers have been less than supportive.

    Any help?

    • dylon says:

      yeah that is the easiest way, just type the email address in the phone number bar, i have an LG VU and my carrier is AT&T no extra charge

    • Makenzie says:

      When you are sending a new message, go into the To: feild and type in the e-mail you wish to send the text to, and then send the text message.

    • a helper says:

      Just do it the other way
      when u type in someones cell # type their email and it should work

  76. jim says:

    i was wondering is there anyway that you can have your text sent to another phone and just recieve call on ur cell phone?as in forwarding text only to another cell phone you have.i have at&t and both cell phones are mine?

  77. yazzy says:

    omg thank u!!!!!

  78. gigglez says:

    thanks! 😀

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    OMG Thank u so much i been trying 4 weeks trying 2 figure out how 2 send a pic from my computer 2 my cell phone i went 2 many cites n none of them help me except 4 this one l luv this cite ur awsome:)

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    Does this work in several countries or just in the US?

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    what about a revol cellphone?

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    i m zeeshan from pakistan and have u-fone service so how can i use it

  85. Jocelynn says:

    Actually to send one through verizon its