How to send email to any phone

17-07-2006 by Dylan Tweney

SMS isn’t just for sending text messages from one phone to another — it’s also a great way to get email messages on your phone.

Yes, you can get email on your phone — even if you have an old-style “feature phone” and not a smartphone! All you need to know is your cell phone’s email address.

Most carriers have “SMS gateways” which take email messages from the Internet and deliver them to their customers’ cell phones as SMS text messages. The trick is that you need to know what carrier the recipient’s phone is on — it’s not enough to know their phone number. That’s because the carrier determines what the email address of the receiving phone is going to be. For example, Cingular phones’ address are all “” while Verizon phones are “”

Sound complicated? It’s not. All you really need to do is find your carrier in the list below, and then use the pattern shown there to figure out your email address. If you want to send email to a friend’s phone, just ask them which carrier they use, and off you go!

(Note: For the major carriers, I’ve included a link to a page with more detailed information on how SMS works with that carrier, how much it costs, and where you can find more information. In the list below, just click any carrier’s highlighted name to find out more.)

[10-digit phone number]

AT&T (formerly Cingular)
[10-digit phone number]

For multimedia messages, use [10-digit-number]

Boost Mobile
[10-digit phone number]

Cricket Wireless
[10-digit phone number]

For multimedia messages: [10-digit phone number]

Nextel (now part of Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit telephone number]

Sprint (now Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit phone number]

[10-digit phone number]

[10-digit phone number]

Virgin Mobile USA
[10-digit phone number]

Other U.S. and Canadian carriers:

Bell Canada: [10-digit-phone-number]

Centennial Wireless: [10-digit-phone-number]

Cellular South: [10-digit-phone-number]

Cincinnati Bell: [10-digit-phone-number]

Metro PCS: [10-digit-phone-number] or [10-digit-phone-number]

Qwest: [10-digit-phone-number]

Rogers: [10-digit-phone-number]

Suncom: [10-digit-phone-number]

Telus: [10-digit-phone-number]

U.S. Cellular: [10-digit-phone-number]


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365 Responses to “How to send email to any phone”

  1. Crystal says:

    what if it requires a confirmation and the link isn’t showing up? is there a way to have the email diverted so you can confirm the email?

  2. C says:

    what about tracphone?

    • Ron Morris says:

      Tracfone is USUALLY AT&T, but they are a reseller, and can use other carriers. Try each one until you find one that works, or research the called party’s phone number to see which carrier owns it. If it was ported to Tracfone, it will be of the carrier that originally issued it.

  3. dman says: now translates to

  4. David says:

    Picture messages to Sprint is: [10-digit-phone-number]

  5. Susan says:

    If you use Solavei, you can use the tMobile address

    [10-digit phone number]

  6. david says:

    What about sending to a straight talk phone? You don’t have information on it.

  7. CP says:

    For TracFone and most MVNO’s, use the SMS gateway email address of the actual carrier. For example, a CDMA TracFone provisioned to the Verizon Wireless network would receive SMS through the Verizon gateway even though it is a TracFone.

  8. a person says:

    everytime i do it, it says message failed

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