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July 28, 2006 by Dylan Tweney

If you’ve got a cell phone from Boost Mobile, here’s what you need to know about using SMS text messaging with your mobile.

  • Maximum message length: 500 characters.
  • What happens to longer messages: Unknown.
  • Cost per message: For pay-as-you-go plans, it’s 10 cents per message to send or receive. For unlimited plan users, it’s 10 cents per message to send; free to receive. (Same pricing when you send messages to overseas recipients.) Multimedia messages (MMS) cost 25 cents each to send or receive.
  • For more information: Boost Pay-as-You-Go FAQ, Boost Mobile Unlimited FAQ
  • Sending email to your phone: Use the address format [10-digit phone number]

Here’s a handy tip for Boost customers: When you’re sending a text message to a friend who’s also on Boost, you can include reply options right within their message. That way, when they get your SMS, all they have to do is select a reply — they don’t have to key in a whole message back to you. When you’re sending a text message from an email program on your computer, put 2 tildes (~) before the response section and hit return after each response.

For example:
Are you going to the Shania Twain concert?
~ Definitely. (Hit Enter/Return)
~ Nope, wouldn’t be caught dead there.(Hit Enter/Return)
~ Maybe, gotta check with my parents. (Hit Enter/Return)

Updated 7/2/2008

67 Responses to “Boost Mobile SMS”

  1. cathy carrara says:

    Can send text messages but do not receive them. HELP!

  2. 9148792066 says:

    yo u home? its cletis

  3. Cathy says:

    You know, you are so wrong about Boost. They have THEY WORST customer service ever but I pay 40 per month on the same Sprint PCS they sell contacts for 79.99 per month. Hello, go figure.

    Yes, their customer service sucks but it is not worth an extra 40 bucks a month and a 2 year contract….hello?? Are you alive? It does not make sense. I bet you have a contract with Sprint,,,,,,,wish you were with me…. I have sprint also and no contract and I pay half that you do

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