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Tracfone or Straight Talk
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365 Responses to How to send email to any phone

  1. a person says:

    everytime i do it, it says message failed

  2. CP says:

    For TracFone and most MVNO’s, use the SMS gateway email address of the actual carrier. For example, a CDMA TracFone provisioned to the Verizon Wireless network would receive SMS through the Verizon gateway even though it is a TracFone.

  3. david says:

    What about sending to a straight talk phone? You don’t have information on it.

  4. Susan says:

    If you use Solavei, you can use the tMobile address

    [10-digit phone number]@tmomail.net

  5. David says:

    Picture messages to Sprint is: [10-digit-phone-number]@pm.sprint.com

  6. dman says:

    @cingularme.com now translates to @txt.att.net

  7. C says:

    what about tracphone?

    • Ron Morris says:

      Tracfone is USUALLY AT&T, but they are a reseller, and can use other carriers. Try each one until you find one that works, or research the called party’s phone number to see which carrier owns it. If it was ported to Tracfone, it will be of the carrier that originally issued it.

  8. Crystal says:

    what if it requires a confirmation and the link isn’t showing up? is there a way to have the email diverted so you can confirm the email?

  9. ashleyy says:

    what if u try to send a email msg to someone who has a cricket phone but it keeps saying it failed and all that?? idk what to do

  10. Shawn says:

    I have a net10 cell phone and it is prepaid how would i sent messages to it and some of my other family members i cant figure out how to do it.

  11. carrie says:

    i’ve been trying to send pictures to my friend who has at&t from my gmail, but it just isn’t working. i used the @mms.att.net format and still nothing. i can send pictures to verizon phones, easy. so why doesn’t at&t work?

  12. marc says:

    Anyone know Global Gossip in Australia??

  13. mcgoo says:

    how can you send it to a straight talk phone

  14. TJ says:

    How do you email files to your phone?

  15. joe says:

    How about email to a Turkcell phone?

  16. Karim says:

    If you don’t know you can try [number]@teleflip.com

  17. austin says:

    Hi guys, do u know how someone can tell if an incoming call is forwarded?as in i can ask users to forward their calls to a specific number then respond to the missed call with an SMS

  18. ekwunife says:

    If you want to customize alerts for certain emails you can try http://mailnuggets.com it will send an SMS when you get a certain email and you can customize the message you receive. This can be helpful if you want the SMS to not contain some part of the original message (like the sender info) for privacy purposes.

  19. chau says:

    does this cost for tmobile?

  20. Mitch says:

    Hi, I’m on Telstra Next G Mobile in Australia and I wanted to know how to find out mobile phone’s email address.

  21. were iz straight talk???????????????????

    • Julian says:

      Straight Talk is sold only at Wal-mart for now. Has 2 plans one for $30 and the other for $45 unlimited per month. Hope this helps.

  22. Does it also works in india ?

  23. shveta says:

    what about the format for reliance o vodafone for india..plz help..!!

  24. nari says:

    what about GT&T in guyana

  25. akm says:

    Yahoo email not working 4 send text to Verizon cell phone?

  26. Dispatch says:

    So far all of these are working for a text software package we are using for group texting (Emergency Fire/EMS Dispatching)

  27. Kyrious says:

    And who pays for it??? The reciever?

  28. philip says:

    does anyone know the address for Orange Spain? I´ve tried just about every combination and havent found it yet

  29. chewythings says:

    If you want to customize alerts for certain emails you can try http://mailnuggets.com it will send an SMS when you get a certain email and you can customize the message you receive. This can be helpful if you want the SMS to not contain some part of the original message (like the sender info) for privacy purposes.

  30. Tim says:

    My friend in Australia has 3 as her provider. Does anyone know how I can get their E-mail address?

  31. Javier says:

    I need one for pocket wireless

  32. jIM says:

    Thanx dude u rock! HOPE IT WORKS.

  33. Pingback: Quora

  34. Veronica says:

    How do you send text also media pictures to a simple mobile phone?

  35. Brittanie says:

    to send a picture to a verizon phone its (phone number)@vzwpix.com

    • Jeff says:

      Brittanie, I tried to send my daughter a pic on her cell phone – from my computer – using the gateway suffix you provided on your post – @vzwpix.com. It did not work. She has a Walmart Samsung Straight Talk phone (utilizing Verizon). She says that she CAN receive texts and pics on it. She did receive a text I sent her using the gateway suffix – @vtext.com, but I got the following error message when I tried to send her a pic from my computer to her phone, using the suffix – @vzwpix.com. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

  36. Very cool post!

    I have used AOL instant messager in the past to send texts to people when my phone was broken. Just type + and the 10 digit number to send a text.

    Ex. +15554349898

  37. Arizona Chick says:

    what about if you dont know what phone company they have!?! how can you send a email to them!?!

  38. MC_2010 says:

    Thank you very much. What about STC, Mobily, Zain (Saudi Arabia)? When I send MMS from my phone to my E-mail address, the sender appears as [9665xxxxxxxx@mms.net.sa]. I tried sending emails to this address, but it didn't work. Any help?

  39. Two time i got error 20115 but now its working..well

  40. Kevo says:

    hey whats the address for straighttalk?

  41. chyanna says:

    does anyone know how to text revol wireless phones from the computer ?

  42. chyanna says:

    hey does anyone know how to send a text from the computer to revol wireless phones ?

  43. J. Noble Daggett says:

    Youghiogeny communicatons DBA POCKET COMMUNICATIONS in Texas. What is their gateway, I'm dying to find out!!! I been wanting to find out to text my brother down there for free. number@mms.pocket.com or what? Email me at Wooden_earth@yahoo.com

  44. anynomous says:

    does it cost money?

  45. Tom says:

    Whats the adress for Centenial of Puerto Rico. The one here dont work!

  46. todd says:

    Everyone knows that you can just send an sms with no carrier info from gmail right? You goto the google labs tab in gmail and add the send sms mesages through chat. Then as long as you have a mobile number entered for this contact just type there name in the chat search box and up will pop there phone number, click on it and send away as a text message to there phone! No email address needed. Otherwise if your so inclined just sign up for google voice and there is a send text message box right there, Just type in the phone number and send.

  47. scarlett says:

    Does anyone know a service or plug-in that I could use on my PHP based website that would automatically look up the carrier/mobile address when a phone number is entered?

  48. @mipaca says:

    Thanks for this article it was very helpful in creating a website to MMS coupon service.

  49. joe says:

    i have a tracfone, but i always get "sms restriction 45" code everytime i send text messages international…pls help, thnx

  50. florida girll says:

    im tryn 2 txt to a boostmobile from my computer but my emails arnt getn 2 da boostmobile phone is there another way???

  51. I am using this tricks for almost 2 years, and It works for me.=)

  52. Anything for Rogers Canada?

  53. sam says:

    okay m friend has sprint and i am trying to send my friend a sound in the text but it has been like 20 min. and he hasn't gotten it yet but when i tried it on my phone it arrived in like 2 min. anyone have an idea if sprint/nextel will take to get their or if they have a multimedia alternate message

  54. Brittany says:

    i am trying to send pics to my phone from my email but its not working right what should i do i think i am doing it wrong

  55. chasey says:

    anyone know how to send one to a page plus ohone

  56. cybermonkey says:

    Need the format for revol phones

  57. Angi says:

    The easy way to find out what your wireless carriers SMS is to send a text msg from your phone to your email address. When you get the email it will show you the address it came from.

  58. t-man123 says:

    us celler?? what is the SMS 4 that?

  59. Tyre says:

    What the one for net 10

  60. Brandi says:

    what about straight talk???

  61. C. Nelson says:

    For those who want to know how to email to Koodo its 10digitphonenumber@msg.koodomobile.com (for example Ill just use 5’s and 2’s 5552552555@msg.koodomobile.com)

  62. Bailey says:

    Is there a way to send picture messages to telus? like there is txt messages? (403number@msg.telus.com? cause i can't send picture messges using that one.?

  63. tearsie says:

    what do you do for teacfones?

  64. Bailey says:

    Is there a way to send picture messages to telus? like there is txt messages? (403number@msg.telus.com? cause i can't send picture messges using that one.?

  65. Guest says:

    I have an At&T cell phone and with my old cell phone from same company I could send text or mms to my home computer but with the newer cell phone it ask for a number every time I try to send something to my home computer. I don't know what number it wants since it is being sent to an email address and not another cell phone.

    • desolatekidd says:

      hold in your # button and it should then allow to enter an email adress to send it too

  66. ashley says:

    US Celler??…..whats the SMS 4 that??

  67. kevin says:

    how do i send a picture from an email to a phone? email me at runner345a@aol.com

  68. Rodney says:

    The new Google Voice allows you to send SMS for free to a phone number on any mobile service without all the need to do addressing.

    • jay says:

      But you have to have a Google voice account. Which some may not have or want. most everyone has an email address though.

    • d. f. tweney says:

      That's a great tip — if you're using Google Voice, it handles SMS beautifully. I'm planning an article on Google Voice soon, so stay tuned!

  69. Tori says:

    How do I send an email to my phone? The carrier is Page Plus.

  70. ella says:

    i needed the address for Denmark?? plz help

  71. jen says:

    im trying to send a picture from my email address that i have stored in my computer to my cel phone, whats the email address to send pic messages from at&t?

  72. dwayne says:

    att lets you send sms to an email. just put the email in place of the phone number

  73. Ricky says:

    i need optimus portugal

  74. ricardo whyte says:

    what is the sms email address for claro in jamaica

  75. ghoefflin says:

    First of all I need to make clear that I am not a techy-but I am not unknowledgable either. I am trying to research
    –which cell phone carriers allow sending a text to an email (versus ending an email to a cell phone) and if there is an extra charge if it is considered data
    –which cell phone carriers allow sending a picture message to an email and if there is an extra charge if it is considered data

    I know you can send from email (PC) to text (cell phone) but I am looking for the submission the other way. The support folks for the various carriers have been less than supportive.

    Any help?

    • dylon says:

      yeah that is the easiest way, just type the email address in the phone number bar, i have an LG VU and my carrier is AT&T no extra charge

    • Makenzie says:

      When you are sending a new message, go into the To: feild and type in the e-mail you wish to send the text to, and then send the text message.

    • a helper says:

      Just do it the other way
      when u type in someones cell # type their email and it should work

  76. jim says:

    i was wondering is there anyway that you can have your text sent to another phone and just recieve call on ur cell phone?as in forwarding text only to another cell phone you have.i have at&t and both cell phones are mine?

  77. yazzy says:

    omg thank u!!!!!

  78. gigglez says:

    thanks! 😀

  79. joselyn says:

    OMG Thank u so much i been trying 4 weeks trying 2 figure out how 2 send a pic from my computer 2 my cell phone i went 2 many cites n none of them help me except 4 this one l luv this cite ur awsome:)

  80. Alex says:

    Does this work in several countries or just in the US?

  81. Phillip says:

    what about a revol cellphone?

  82. Nyuszika7H says:

    Please help! I need the address for T-Mobile Hungary!

  83. @xkingxkidxt says:

    What about iwireless

  84. zeeshan says:

    i m zeeshan from pakistan and have u-fone service so how can i use it

  85. Jocelynn says:

    Actually to send one through verizon its 1234567890@vzwpix.com

  86. Tom says:

    When you reply to an SMS message that originated from an email, does the reply come back to the original sender via email? It seems to work with ATT, but is this the norm?

  87. Rosaela says:

    Anybody knows the email address for cricket phones service users?

  88. Daljaxon says:

    I just learned that if I want to receive photo's/images from my email to my phone, I have to use a different address for my phone and send the image as an attachment, which will probably be the address I will use for all messages sent from email to my phone, with or without images.

    Just a text message…
    your.number@message.alltel.com With a photo/image….

  89. curtis says:

    Hi I am tying to send a email from hotmail in the usa to a vodafone cell phone anyone know the format I tried

    01144 077xxxxxxxxxx@vodafone.net

    this is not working any help thanks

  90. cris bomb says:

    Please help!!! sms code for WIND mobile. its a new company from 2007.

    please email me cabomb@hotmail.com

  91. Anonymous says:

    How can one send SMS to a phone provided by Level 3 Communications from e-mail?

  92. Pam-Doggirl3 says:

    How would I send a text & pic attachment from my email to my Tracphone? You can send me a email if you like:doggirl3@webtv.net

  93. Brittany says:

    Thanks so much, this is great considering I'm stuck in an airport, during a snow storm and I forgot my cell at home. I can still keep family and my husband informed, quicker than email!

  94. bp says:

    Too bad teleflip got shut down. It was one of the most innovative ideas when it launched. Unfortunately spammers ruined it for everyone.

  95. Anonymous says:


  96. Brittany says:

    Great resource but i am trying to send an international text from a Tracfone to a Vodafone and i keep getting an SMS Restriction 45 code. Does anyone know a way around this? I tried sending it by e-mail but that also does not work 🙁 🙁

    • Billy says:

      Read your terms of use, Trac Phone does not allow international text messages. It says in their tos that they can even terminate your phone without notice for trying to send texts. Here is the url for net10 which they are the same I just don’t have the url for track phone http://www.no-evil.net/terms-of-use.html I have read both and they are the same as they are both the same company. Sorry but you will have to try another pre pay for text messages even tho they do have .15 per min international calls

  97. Anonymous says:

    how about fro straight talk phones by tracfones

  98. Dave says:

    Teleflip didn't work for me last evening.

  99. I am trying to find a way of sending an email to my mobiel im with vodafone ireland

  100. Anonymous says:

    does anyonee know the SMS forr straight talk mobile (what they offer at walmart) ?

  101. SaMarJ says:

    believe it or not you can use 0123756789@txt.att.net to send messages from your email to Net10 customers

    • DakotaMark says:

      Net10 and TracFone use att.net in most markets. AT&T mobile does not offer cell phone service in South Dakota where I live. Here they use Verizon. That's why they ask for your zip code when you try to buy a phone from Net10 or TracFone on line. Visit either site and enter my zip 57101 and your choices will be limited to just two or three phone models.

      Users of these prepaid phones can send a text to an email address and the cell phone's mobile address will be in the 'from' line.

      It's actually an easy way to find out the mobile phone text address no matter what the carrier.

  102. Anonymous says:

    pls help me i want to send a msg using my website or my email to a phone here in lebanon to philippine.

  103. kelz says:

    How can i send a picture or two from my email to a telus phone?????


  104. Anonymous says:

    When I send a pic email I receive the text stating that the attachment has been removed!?

  105. admin says:

    does anyone know how to send email to sms internationally?

  106. great source and this step by step to send mms en sms on iphone 3g

  107. LimeyDi says:

    Do you know if the same system works for mobile phones in foreign countries – Vonage in UK, for example?

  108. Ana says:

    This works great!!

  109. Anonymous says:

    Help the orange one doesnt work i send it to @orange.net and it says delivery notice failure to ——-@orange.net can someone help me!

  110. Anonymous says:

    this is great…thanks! Saved to my faves!

  111. smaclell says:

    just throwing this out there but the wikipedia list for the cell provider emails is really really good http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_carriers_providing_SMS_transit

  112. Anonymous says:

    wats for the zain (celetal) 🙂 i loved ur site

  113. Anonymous says:

    and wath is the adress for tecel mexico?????

  114. samy says:

    thx this helped alot

  115. Nz guy says:

    How do u email a telecom from new zealand?

  116. Anonymous says:

    can one send an attachment as well. I tried and it did not work. I sending it to Verizon phone

  117. Anonymous says:

    What about Jitterbug phones via Great Call. The new J version has fast and easy texting.

  118. Bobby says:

    My gf is visiting Japan and she has Verizon, will it cost her anything extra if i email her cellphone? (she has unlimited texting)

  119. Anonymous says:

    i have a metro pcs cell and i'm trying to set up my email. i use gmx as my e-mail server. can you tell me what the pop3 settings are for gmx.

  120. Tim says:

    what if I don’t know the carrier, can I put number@ gateways (all carriers) into “mailto” of the email? Will carrier’s gateway site block my email next time?

  121. Anonymous says:

    Forget it, I figured it out myself. Tracfone uses the AT&T; network or T-Mobile if GSM. I have a AT&T; based Tracfone and xxxxxxxxxx@txt.att.net works great, just tried it. Fantastic info, thanks a bunch!

  122. Anonymous says:

    What about the prepaid service called Tracfone? How do you send a email message to a Tracfone?

  123. Anonymous says:

    Yea but how do you do it for pics? i tried it (with my verizon phone) and i couldnt send a pic. i also tried @vzwpix.com and that didnt work.

  124. Anonymous says:

    What about cricket?

  125. Anonymous says:

    “Beyond GSM does offer SMS, and it costs 8 cents/message to send an SMS and 6 cents/message to receive one on your Beyond GSM phone. However, I haven’t been able to find out if Beyond GSM phones have email addresses … I’m still searching though, and will post the information when I find it!”

    In addition, your post starts out with you were unable to find your number. However, if you phone supports this, the, like most phones, you can email from your phone. So in the “TO” of a text, change input from number to abc and type your email. The “from” that you get in your computer inbox will show your phone’s email!

  126. Anonymous says:

    Verizon has changed to vzwpix.com

  127. Stanislav says:

    Also there is a similar service for Beeline Kazakhstan. phonenumber@telemart.kz. 10 digits.

  128. Dylan says:

    Just wanted to let everybody know that the comment above from “Dylan F.” is not me. I will in fact continue to maintain this site in 2009.

    Thanks to everyone who has added up-to-date information in the comments here. You guys rock!

    Happy New Year!

  129. Anonymous says:

    try http://www.txt2day.com for Int’l SMS they have a beta app to do this, havnt tried it yet…

  130. dhanam says:

    thankyou for your site because it is great

  131. Anonymous says:

    im trying to send a picture to florida from london, basically t-mobbile uk dont let u send u send mms to usa, so everytime im sending a picture attachment hes getting only writing, his phone is metro pcs, the same thing happens when i send it to my phone t-mobile uk. How do u send pics to mobiles??? ive tried from msn and yahoo same thing happens. PLease help xxxxxxxxxxx

  132. Dylan says:

    if you have texting blocked you can’t recieve these emails. i just wanted to let everybody know that i will no longer be maintaining this site as of january 25, 2009. thatk you for all of the support and have a great time! -Dylan F.

  133. Anonymous says:

    if you don’t have texting, you can’t recieve these e-mails, because they are sent through texting.

  134. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the help!! YOU ROCK!!

  135. Anonymous says:

    does anyone e-mail to cell phone in zacatecas, mexico?

  136. Conjunction Vitus says:

    DUDE!! I rock… Yes, I know I do… Thank me very much. No problem, I am always there for me.

  137. Conjunction Vitus says:

    That list is very incomplete. Here is the biggest list I could find online. The majority of it all works.

    Aliant (NBTel, MTT, NewTel, and Island Tel) (from: 11, msg: 140, total:
    Enter your phone number. Message is sent to number@wirefree.informe.ca

    Alltel (from: 50, msg: 116, total: 116)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@message.alltel.com.

    Ameritech (ACSWireless) (from: 120, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@paging.acswireless.com

    Arch Wireless (from: 15, msg: 240, total: 240)
    Enter your phone number. Sent via http://www.arch.com/message/ (assumes
    blank PIN)

    AU by KDDI (from: 20, msg: 10000, total: 10000)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to username@ezweb.ne.jp

    BeeLine GSM (from: 50, msg: 255, total: 255)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@sms.beemail.ru

    Bell Mobility Canada (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter your phone number, including the 1 prefix. Goes to

    Bellsouth (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@bellsouth.cl

    BellSouth Mobility (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@blsdcs.net

    Blue Sky Frog (from: 30, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@blueskyfrog.com

    Boost (from: 30, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@myboostmobile.com

    Cellular South (from: 50, msg: 155, total: 155)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@csouth1.com

    CellularOne (Dobson) (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@mobile.celloneusa.com

    CellularOne West (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@mycellone.com

    Centennial Wireless (from: 10, msg: 110, total: 110)
    Enter your phone number. Sent via http://www.centennialwireless.com

    Cincinnati Bell (from: 20, msg: 50, total: 50)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@gocbw.com

    Cingular (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@mobile.mycingular.com

    Cingular Blue (formerly AT&T; Wireless) (from: 50, msg: 150, total: 150)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@mmode.com

    Cingular IM Plus/Bellsouth IPS (from: 100, msg: 16000, total: 16000)
    Enter 8 digit PIN or user name. Goes to @imcingular.com

    Cingular IM Plus/Bellsouth IPS Cellphones (from: 100, msg: 16000, total:
    Enter phone number. Goes to @mobile.mycingular.com

    Claro (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@clarotorpedo.com.br

    Comviq (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@sms.comviq.se

    Dutchtone/Orange-NL (from: 15, msg: 150, total: 150)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@sms.orange.nl

    Edge Wireless (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@sms.edgewireless.com

    EinsteinPCS / Airadigm Communications (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@einsteinsms.com

    EPlus (from: 20, msg: 480, total: 480)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@smsmail.eplus.de.

    Estonia Mobile Telefon (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Sent via webform.

    Fido Canada (from: 15, msg: 140, total: 140)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@fido.ca.

    Golden Telecom (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number or nickname. Messages are sent to

    Idea Cellular (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@ideacellular.net

    Kyivstar (from: 30, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Sent by addressing the message to number@sms.kyivstar.net

    LMT (from: 30, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter your username. Goes to username@sms.lmt.lv

    Manitoba Telecom Systems (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to @text.mtsmobility.com

    Meteor (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@sms.mymeteor.ie

    Metro PCS (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@mymetropcs.com

    Metrocall Pager (from: 120, msg: 120, total: 120)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@page.metrocall.com

    MobileOne (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@m1.com.sg

    Mobilfone (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@page.mobilfone.com

    Mobility Bermuda (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@ml.bm

    MTS Primtel (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Sent via web gateway.

    Aliant (NBTel, MTT, NewTel, and Island Tel) (from: 11, msg: 140, total:
    Enter your phone number. Message is sent to number@wirefree.informe.ca

    Netcom (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@sms.netcom.no

    Nextel (from: 50, msg: 126, total: 126)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to 10digits@messaging.nextel.com. Note: do
    not use dashes in your phone number.

    NPI Wireless (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@npiwireless.com.

    NTC (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Sent via web gateway.

    O2 (formerly BTCellnet) (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter O2 username – must be enabled first at http://www.o2.co.uk. Goes to

    O2 M-mail (formerly BTCellnet) (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter phone number, omitting intial zero – must be enabled first by
    sending an SMS saying "ON" to phone number "212". Goes to

    Optus (from: 20, msg: 114, total: 114)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to @optusmobile.com.au

    Orange (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to @orange.net. You will need to create a
    user account at orange.net first.

    Oskar (from: 20, msg: 320, total: 320)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to @mujoskar.cz

    Other (from: 15, msg: 100, total: 100)
    If your provider isn't supported directly, enter the email address that
    sends you a text message in phone number field. To be safe, the entire
    message is sent in the body of the message, and the length limit is
    really short. We'd prefer you give us information about your provider so
    we can support it directly.

    Pacific Bell Cingular (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to @mobile.mycingular.com

    Pagenet (from: 20, msg: 220, total: 240)
    10-digit phone number (or gateway and pager number separated by a
    period). Goes to number@pagenet.net.

    PCS Rogers (from: 20, msg: 125, total: 125)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@pcs.rogers.com. Requires prior
    registration with PCS Rogers.

    Personal Communication (Sonet) (from: 20, msg: 150, total: 150)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to sms@pcom.ru with your number in the
    subject line.

    Plus GSM Poland (from: 20, msg: 620, total: 620)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@text.plusgsm.pl.

    Powertel (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@ptel.net

    Primtel (from: 20, msg: 150, total: 150)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@sms.primtel.ru

    PSC Wireless (from: 20, msg: 150, total: 150)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to number@sms.pscel.com

    Qualcomm (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter your usern
    ame. Goes to username@pager.qualcomm.com

    Qwest (from: 14, msg: 100, total: 100)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to @qwestmp.com

    Safaricom (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Goes to @safaricomsms.com

    Satelindo GSM (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Goes to @satelindogsm.com

    SCS-900 (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Goes to @scs-900.ru

    Simple Freedom (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Goes to @text.simplefreedom.net

    Skytel – Alphanumeric (from: 15, msg: 240, total: 240)
    Enter your 7-digit pin number as your number and your message will be
    mailed to pin@skytel.com

    Smart Telecom (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to @mysmart.mymobile.ph

    Smarts GSM (from: 11, msg: 70, total: 70)
    Enter your phone number. Sent via

    Southern Linc (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your 10-digit phone number. Goes to @page.southernlinc.com

    Sprint PCS (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your 10-digit phone number. Goes to @messaging.sprintpcs.com

    Sprint PCS – Short Mail (from: 15, msg: 1000, total: 1000)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to @sprintpcs.com

    SunCom (from: 18, msg: 110, total: 110)
    Enter your number. Email will be sent to number@tms.suncom.com.

    SureWest Communications (from: 20, msg: 200, total: 200)
    Enter your phone number. Message will be sent to

    SwissCom Mobile (from: 20, msg: 10000, total: 10000)
    Enter your phone number. Message will be sent to number@bluewin.ch

    T-Mobile Germany (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your number. Email will be sent to number@T-D1-SMS.de

    T-Mobile Netherlands (from: 15, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Send "EMAIL ON" to 555 from your phone, then enter your number starting
    with 316. Email will be sent to number@gin.nl

    T-Mobile UK (from: 30, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Messages are sent to number@t-mobile.uk.net

    T-Mobile USA (from: 30, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Messages are sent to number@tmomail.net

    T-Mobile USA (Sidekick) (from: 30, msg: 10000, total: 10000)
    Messages are sent to username@tmail.com

    Tele2 Latvia (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@sms.tele2.lv.

    Telefonica Movistar (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@movistar.net

    Telenor (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@mobilpost.no.

    Telia Denmark (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    8-digit phone number. Goes to number@gsm1800.telia.dk.

    Telus Mobility (from: 30, msg: 120, total: 120)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to 10digits@msg.telus.com.

    The Phone House (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@sms.phonehouse.de.

    TIM (from: 30, msg: 350, total: 350)
    10-digit phone number. Goes to number@timnet.com.

    UMC (from: 10, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Sent by addressing the message to number@sms.umc.com.ua

    Unicel (from: 10, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Sent by addressing the message to number@utext.com

    US Cellular (from: , msg: 150, total: 150)
    Enter a 10 digit USCC Phone Number. Messages are sent via

    Verizon Wireless (from: 34, msg: 140, total: 140)
    Enter your 10-digit phone number. Messages are sent via email to

    Verizon Wireless (formerly Airtouch) (from: 20, msg: 120, total: 120)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@airtouchpaging.com.
    This is ONLY for former AirTouch customers. Verizon Wireless customers
    should use Verizon Wireless instead.

    Verizon Wireless (myairmail.com) (from: 34, msg: 140, total: 140)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent via to number@myairmail.com.

    Vessotel (from: 20, msg: 800, total: 800)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to roumer@pager.irkutsk.ru.

    Virgin Mobile Canada (from: 20, msg: 140, total: 140)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@vmobile.ca.

    Virgin Mobile USA (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@vmobl.com.

    Vodafone Italy (from: 20, msg: 132, total: 132)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@sms.vodafone.it

    Vodafone Japan (Chuugoku/Western) (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@n.vodafone.ne.jp

    Vodafone Japan (Hokkaido) (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@d.vodafone.ne.jp

    Vodafone Japan (Hokuriko/Central North) (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@r.vodafone.ne.jp

    Vodafone Japan (Kansai/West — including Osaka) (from: 20, msg: 160,
    total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@k.vodafone.ne.jp

    Vodafone Japan (Kanto/Koushin/East — including Tokyo) (from: 20, msg:
    160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@t.vodafone.ne.jp

    Vodafone Japan (Kyuushu/Okinawa) (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@q.vodafone.ne.jp

    Vodafone Japan (Shikoku) (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@s.vodafone.ne.jp

    Vodafone Japan (Touhoku/Niigata/North) (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@h.vodafone.ne.jp

    Vodafone Japan (Toukai/Central) (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Messages are sent to number@c.vodafone.ne.jp

    Vodafone Spain (from: 20, msg: 90, total: 90)
    Enter your username. Messages are sent to username@vodafone.es

    Vodafone UK (from: 20, msg: 70, total: 90)
    Enter your username. Messages are sent to username@vodafone.net

    Voicestream (from: 15, msg: 140, total: 140)
    Enter your 10-digit phone number. Message is sent via the email gateway,
    since they changed their web gateway and we have not gotten it working
    with the new one yet.

    Weblink Wireless (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to @airmessage.net

    WellCom (from: 20, msg: 160, total: 160)
    Enter your phone number. Goes to @sms.welcome2well.com

    WyndTell (from: 20, msg: 480, total: 500)
    Enter username/phone number. Goes to @wyndtell.com

    Two ways to send to any, most any, 10 digit number @vtext.com – maybe,

    Disclaimer: The reliability of text messaging should not be trusted in
    dealing with emergencies.

    I am pretty sure Vodafone stopped the SMS from e-mail, wankers!

  138. gatito says:

    how can i send an email to a cell phone without showing my email adress? in other words private or anonymous email?

  139. Cyndi says:

    I’m trying to email a picture (as an attachment) from my laptop to my cell phone. I get the email but there is nothing attached. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? I only have text messaging. Do I have to have internet access as well?

    Thanks in advance for your help! :o)

  140. Anonymous says:

    K For Cricket You Wanna Do
    [ten digit numba]@mms.mycricet.com
    There Ya Go

  141. Anonymous says:

    okay, it didnt work for me. i have the blackberry curve 8330 and i want to send it to my friend who has a sprint. now with the 8330, you can only send pic mail by email so, i went to send email and sent the pic to 1234567890@messaging.sprintpcs.com and he said it just came up as a txt, like the comment i posted with the picture and it said from my blackberry email. HELP PLASE

  142. Anonymous says:

    would anyone tell me what is the email address for SMS gateway for alfa carrier in Lebanon (961).



  143. WirelessM says:

    How do I send an e mail to a wireless Vodafone in Egypt?

  144. Anonymous says:

    I can’t find the way to send email do my mobile phone in Portugal, Vodafone provider. I can send an sms to my email address, the sender address is myphonenumber@sms.vodafone.pt, but when I send an email to this address, it doesn’t work. Can you help me, please? Thanks.

  145. Anonymous says:


  146. David says:

    yes i tried most of them
    try http://www.worldtexting.com
    it is updating right now for sending internationally but the great part of it is that you get a full feature account meaning you can log in everyday and text out and people can reply to you via your inbox then you can forward to your email or cell phone if you are not online…
    great side. Cheers

  147. Anonymous says:

    im trying to send to australia thier code is “61” do i need to add that along with the mobile phone number ?thanks

  148. Anonymous says:

    Do you have to send via outlook express? or can you send the txt messege from yahoo,msn or google mail, thanks =]

  149. Pamela says:

    I was on the phone 45 minutes with both AT&T; and iphone and no one could tell me my phone's email address. After another 10 minutes they hung up on me… However, while I was on hold I did a Google search and found the information. What a life saver.

  150. nickfromNYC:) says:

    Hi, my name is Nick, Its reaaly amazaing site!But there is one thing which I still cant find how to do:and I’m trying to send email to THREE company cell number, which is in Australia.Can anybody help me?

  151. J. Reaves says:

    Unfortunatly, teleflip stopped operations in August, 2008.

  152. Anonymous says:



  153. amy says:

    Hi there.

    May I link to this post on my blog?

    Amy Chorew

  154. ROXY G says:


  155. Anonymous says:

    I tried this. I got a message saying “attachment removed”. WTH?

  156. Anonymous says:

    I am looking to send free text messages through my computer to Barbados, the cell phone provider being digicel – can anyone help me with this information?

  157. Anonymous says:

    how do i send a virus to a friend for fun?

  158. Anonymous says:

    sir – how to get a sms alert on my mobile everytime I got a email in my inbox ? my phone service provider do not offer such service. Yahoo do not offer such service in my country. I am from asia. many thanks.

  159. Anonymous says:

    hi, i have verizon and i tried to send an email to my phone and it hasnt showed up yet…does anyone know how long it takes for the email to get to your phone?

  160. Anonymous says:

    Hi, I ve to automatically send SMS to Airtel and Tata Indicom Cell Phones in Andhra Pradesh, India. For, I’m sending as No@airtelap.com. How to send a Tata Indicom Cell phone, I googled a lot could not find any. Can any one help me out? Thanks in advance

  161. slim says:

    ok so I have a stupid iPhone and I need the picture message domain name for Cable and wireless, Jamaica aka BMobile…..Please help..somebody.

  162. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody know Telkomsel carrier?

  163. Rhejjou says:

    about MOROCCO can’t find any truck !!!!! maroctelecom or medetile

  164. Anonymous says:

    hepm me send email to 507-655 cell number in panama i just cant seem to get it wright.

  165. Anonymous says:

    this site seems to be great,i hope you can help me.Im texting to panama,panama their not reciving them but they can text me,i would like to text them from my email.
    i dont no the carrier 507-655-XXXXX
    please help

  166. wael says:

    could you please send me
    egypt (vodafone and mobinil)

  167. Metro pcs is easy the ten number@metropcs.com
    It works great just tried so even those of us that don’t like throwing our money down the I phone drain can use it and all for metro pcs 4 phones $100.00 unlimited a month.
    Just how good does it get!

  168. filthylinen says:

    Im confused. I looke dup this number to find the carrier and its new cingular pcs? so what do i use to send sms?

  169. Anonymous says:

    How do I send an E-mail to a trac phone from a pc

  170. Anonymous says:

    I really need to send a text to a trac phone…. HOW?

  171. Teleflip was great while it lasted, but appears now to be defunct.
    Has anyone found a replacement that works the same (straightforward) way?

  172. Wow! This helped sooooo much!! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!! 🙂

  173. Anonymous says:

    For Alaska telco operators:

    ACS phonenumber@msg.acsalaska.com
    GCI phonenumber@mobile.gci.net

  174. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering how can i find the email address to send to a cell phone company. there must be an easier way to get the info. i tried search engines but they take so much time. can you let me the best and fastest way to get the sms portal address for a cell phone company

  175. Anonymous says:

    I see alot of you have bad reviews for centennial wireless. what is the email address to send to the persons phone from my email that would either send them a text or email? Please help!!! I am one who prefers to send a text via email while at work since we are not allowed to touch our phones at work. please email me the answer!! donna_phillos@yahoo.com

  176. Anonymous says:

    we have a Net10 phone but I’m not sure if I’m looking wrong or they don’t have this available? Any help please? Thanks

  177. choey says:

    how about smart telecom here in the philippines

  178. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone happen to know the e-mail for MetroPCS phones? Or if they even have e-mails?

  179. mamibg says:

    sorry for MOVISTAR is


  180. mamibg says:

    I posted this question in yahoo answers but maybe someone here can give me the BEST info…

    I have a Unlimited Texting plan with Sprint. Recently I’ve been texting someone in Mexico, but these TXTs are being charged .20 cents per message (international txt) . Lets say I send these txts but by using the cellular’s email of that person in MEX. Will it instead be charged as DOMESTIC TXT?

    also is anyone familiar with Mexico’s Cellular provider emails???

    (Iusacell, Movil, TelCel, Unefon, and ZTE)

    I found one for MOVISTAR, but have not tried it yet.


  181. Anonymous says:

    Thank you,

    This is was useful and did the trick.

  182. Anonymous says:

    How about how to send to customers of BT or Hutchinson 3G in the UK?

  183. guyser2008 says:

    My phone is a prepaid from Net10. I tried sending a picture to my phone number@mms.att.net and it wouldn’t let me view or download the picture. However I know I can recieve pictures on my phone, because people have sent pictures to me before. Is there a way I can send a picture from my computer to my phone and then forward it to someone?

  184. Very nice tutorial!

    Thanks for all the carriers, but there are none for the UK.

    Here are a few I know…





  185. Anonymous says:

    what about pictures? I’ve tried sending as an attatchment and it doesn’t work.

  186. Anonymous says:

    Hey yu forgot to put one, Cricket. Here it is so yu can post it up ##########@mms.mycricket.com

  187. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know what is the format to send an email to a cellphone recipient in Mexico to the cellphone company Telcel.

  188. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone have the phone email address for a Plateau Wireless phone in Clovis, NM

  189. Anonymous says:

    The address for telstra service phones appears to be ####@mobilenet.telstra.net however I have not verified this as I am in the US – can someone verify?

  190. Anamika says:

    This site is an awesome resource!
    Can you tell me the SMS gateway for Reliance Communications. Its a CDMA service provider in India.

  191. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know how to send a text msg to a Revol phone in Ohio?

  192. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know the SMS gateways for Indonesian cellphone providers such as XL, Indosat and Telkomsel? Thanks

  193. Allexander says:

    for anyone who wants to know centennial wireless’s email thing its **********@myblue.com

  194. Is it free? Or does it charge?

  195. Anonymous says:

    How about sending to Russia via Beeline? Anyone know how?

  196. Anonymous says:

    what about sending picture to a cricket phone?

  197. Carlos says:

    how do you send an SMS to Ameralink PCS?

  198. hazmat says:

    can anyboby look for telstra (Australia)
    tried 10 digit @telstra.com and @telstramobile.com.au
    but no luck
    thanks in advance

  199. Anonymous says:

    I have MOBI service as well and I’ve tried everything possible to find their service carrier. Just like Hawaii to be (Bassackwards) frustrating but if I find it I will post it. Still searching… Thanks 4 the site it is helpful anyways.
    Aloha to all

  200. cyberfem says:

    Why do text messages sent via email (email-to-text) not show the sender email address?

    When I send an email to my Verizon cell phone my email address does not show up in sender portion of the text message. Instead it shows this: prvs=myemailname=0745246d9@myemaildomain.com

    However, the text message body my email address link appended to it

    Clicking on the link with a pda phone opens email application not new a text message. Not sure about non-pda phones…

    AT&T; email-to-text messages do not include the appended email address. When AT&T; customers try to respond to email-to-text messages they do not get an error message and email inbox does not receive the text message response.

    Responding to email-to-text messages used to work and show the correct sender address… What happened?

    Is there a solution to this problem other than knowing the sender’s email address?


  201. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! I already pay a monthly fee for unlimited text messaging, so now I can set up my email to forward to my phone. But I only use “clean” emails: the ones that don’t receive junk or personal stuff, like photos or video clips. Makes my life much, much easier since I am only accessible for a few minutes between classes and don’t have time to bust out the laptop, find a connection, etc. Thank you!

  202. marcel says:

    hi can you let me know the carrier for vodafone india, plz.
    thank you.

  203. Ciennie says:

    Hi, all
    i have 3 queries

    1) how to set SENDER name in email, so that receiver can know whom to send reply, i donot need a dummy 4-5 digit number which is set by Carrier gateway.

    2) H0w to send MMS ? / How to send attachment by SMS?

    3)How to add a line break in sms, once we are sending email to cellphone? Cellphone doesnt identify
    or \n\r or \0x0a as new line charachers.. nothing worked…

    Any thoughts ..!!!

  204. Bill P says:

    How do you send SMS text to a cellphone in the Philippines whose provider is Globe Telecom (globetel)?

  205. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know the domain for Wataniya

  206. d says:

    Tried it already. It doesn’t work for MOBI pcs.

  207. Anonymous says:

    Just send email to phone.number@teleflip.com and your message will be SMS to the phone without having to know which carrier that phone number belongs to. Simple as that.

  208. d says:

    How to send email to a MOBI PCS phone?

  209. Anonymous says:

    but how do u send picture email from aol or yahoo to a metro pcs phone?

  210. Anonymous says:

    heyy this website is awsome!!!

    but how do u send picture email from aol or yahoo to a metro pcs phone?

    Thank you


  211. Anonymous says:

    Great resource, as many have said. AT&T; is the XXXXXXXXXX@txt.att.net or mms.att.net, etc. as required. If you are using the new PDA ticketing at Continental Airlines with a Pocket PC (may apply to others like Palm also), it is best (if you can) to send your PDA Eticket to your email. Then you will be emailed a link that will display a bar code right on your PDA screen! No paper to print or lose (if you are like me)! It sounds complicated but it’s really slick!

  212. Anonymous says:

    can anybody tell me wats the domain for a picture mail to metro pcs

  213. Anonymous says:

    can somebody please tell me how to remove myself from the utext.com advertisers that text my phone at 4am 11pm etc. They say do my number 8023557210@utext.com and it will remove me but i don’t even know how to click onto the links they tell me to i don’t know if my phone is capable or not??? plese e-mail me at tim_chandler@comcast.net if u know

  214. Anonymous says:

    can someone help me idk what to do i try to i email some stuff i did 9165142284@tmomail.com ans i dont reviece anything on my cell can u tell me the problem

  215. Eric says:

    POCKET wireless gateway is

  216. Anonymous says:

    I need to know how could I send sms to Unitel (Angola), please!!
    I looked everywhere, no results…

  217. Anonymous says:

    I tried to send some pictures of my kids to my parents. I attached the pictures as single files but my parents said they can’t download the pictures. Could someone help to explain whats wrong?

  218. Anonymous says:

    can someone tell me please how to send an email to a t-mobile phone in england. thanks very much

  219. Anonymous says:

    Then there are companies that sell a program that get all the cell numbers located on the net .
    http://www.cellphonespider.com is one of them

  220. Anonymous says:

    this is a great blog and this info is what I need. But permit me a slight detour.

    Let’s say that using the e-mail won’t work, particularly regarding a foreign Mobile carrier. Is there any FREE and SIMPLE way to do this via a PC? I have spent hours on Google/yahoo/ask and I get the same laundry list of returns. Most do not support a PC to Mobile sms from the US to Hungary.(neither do MSN or Yahoo via messenger)
    Any solutions?

  221. Anonymous says:

    Pockets sms is #?Phone?#@sms.pocket.com

    Hope this helps

  222. Please Research the Teleflip.com domain before you use it. While it is easier to remember, they reserver the right to SELL YOUR EMAIL AND THE RECIPIENT’S PHONE NUMBER to advertisers, as well as save and inspect your text message. If you don’t care, use it, but if you do, research them a bit first. You might find it’s worth it to just suck it up and figure out the domain for the phone..

    A great resource with even more domains can be found here:

  223. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know one for Kricket

  224. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know the one for pocket communications?

  225. estycastillo says:


  226. Helpless says:

    Hi, since I don’t use a phone that often I got a non-contract provider [Pocket Communications] but I can’t seem to find the providers address for this kind of phones. Don’t have USB cable for the phone or Bluetooth enabled computer (the cellphone does have), how can I find the address or how can I send info [ringtones] to my phone?

  227. Anonymous says:

    I need to know how to send a e-mail attachment from my computer to a cell phone

  228. Anonymous says:

    can someone please tell me how do i send an e-mail attachment to a cell phone

  229. Anonymous says:

    Q: Is there a web service that will give us the carrier name when I give the cellphone number?

    A: http://csharpcomputing.com/webapps/lookup.jsp

  230. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know the address for PC (president’s choice) Mobile in Canada?

  231. Hi,

    Is there a web service that will give us the carrier name when I give the cellphone number?

  232. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me how to send an email from my computer to someone who has Level 3 Communications as their cell phone provider? Thanks!!

  233. Anonymous says:

    Can Someone tell me how to send SMS to BSNL number in India.

  234. Actually, all AT&T; phones are setup for receiving email sent to [10-digit-number]@txt.att.net

  235. Anonymous says:

    I would need to know if this will work even in tanzanian carriers?

  236. Squisher says:

    Now the tough question: How can you send email to a land line, to “grandma.” I would think that the email has to go through a process of text to voice recognition, and then get fed to a phone service. Is there anything out there?

  237. Anonymous says:

    does anyone know the sms or mms code for pocket? service is Pocket Communications. please help

  238. Anonymous says:

    I emailed phone-number@pcs.rogers.com and cell phone beeped but it “unable to process request…..”
    so I guess ATT-Rogers has found a way to stop these cheap emails now.

  239. Pstone says:

    Awesome! This helped me to get Updates and Flight Info for all the Holiday Travelers in the family.


  240. Anonymous says:

    How can i forward a free sms to unitel – Angola?can you help me?

  241. Anonymous says:

    your the best

  242. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me how to send a text message to a UK T-mobile cell phone from my email? I have tried every arrangement of #s: their ten digit number, 011+ten digs, 01+tendigs, 0+tendigs, 01144+10digs, 4+10digs, 44+10digs & 04+10 digits. These were all followed by “@t-mobile.uk.net.”

    What am I doing wrong here? If I normally dial his number as 01144/867-867-5309, shouldn’t 011448678675309@t-mobile.uk.net be the correct address? Or at least 8678675309@t-mobile.uk.net work? They all get bounced back to me.

    Please help! I don’t know what to do… My phone bill was $700 last month, and I need to save every bit that I possibly can!

    Thanks so much 😉

  243. Anonymous says:

    You have the email address for AT&T; phones incorrect. Here is a sample of the correct address 2222222222@mms.att.net

  244. Desire says:

    Need help to send a text message to Orange mobile in Ivory Coast(225 country code0

  245. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how can a cdma phone from Metro PCS send a msg. to a sms network (telcell mx, tigo gt). thank you

  246. Elizabeth says:

    omg, PLEASE help me with this… i made some ring tones and i want to send them from my computer to my verizon cell phone. how do i do it???? anything you can offer help wise?

  247. Anonymous says:

    Virgin Email-2-SMS not worked.

  248. Ben says:

    Hello All

    I need please the codes for the following UK mobile providers:


    Help me please!!!

    Ben in London

  249. Anonymous says:

    can you send the message to an international cell phone?

  250. Anonymous says:

    fantastic! im looking for the carrier address for etisalat (in the UAE). can anyone help? thanks!

  251. Karel Knake says:

    HI All, this really looks great. Could anyone tell me if I can do this to Digicel or UTS in the Caribbean ?

  252. Simone says:


    I need the carrier address from unitel (angola). can you help me ? I have already tryed #@unitel.com.ao,#@sms.unitel.com.ao and dont work

    I need this secret
    Please !!!!

    Simone from Brazil

  253. Anonymous says:

    Any thoughts on how to print text messages in my inbox, or at least get them on my computer? I’ve been told to forward to my email, but the original sender information was not included.

  254. Mak says:

    Some More Carriers.

    [10-digit phone number]@message.alltel.com
    Example: 2125552555@message.alltel.co
    Web Form

    AT&T; Wireless (now part of Cingular)
    [10-digit phone number]@mmode.com
    Example: 2125552555@mmode.com

    Boost Mobile
    [10-digit phone number]@myboostmobile.com
    Example: 2125552555@myboostmobile.com
    Web Form

    [10-digit phone number]@mobile.mycingular.com OR
    [10-digit number]@cingularme.com
    Example: 4152555555@cingularme.com

    Nextel (now part of Sprint Nextel)
    [10-digit telephone number]@messaging.nextel.com
    Example: 7035552555@messaging.nextel.com
    Web Form

    Sprint PCS (now Sprint Nextel)
    [10-digit phone number]@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    Example: 2125552555@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    Web Form

    [10-digit phone number]@tmomail.net
    Example: 4252555555@tmomail.net
    Web Form

    [10-digit phone number]@vtext.com
    Example: 555255555@vtext.com
    Web Form

    Virgin Mobile USA
    [10-digit phone number]@vmobl.com
    Example: 5552555555@vmobl.com
    Web Form

    Other Carriers:
    3 River Wireless phonenumber@sms.3rivers.net
    ACS Wireless phonenumber@paging.acswireless.com
    Advantage Communications 10digitpagernumber@advantagepaging.com
    Airtouch Pagers 10digitpagernumber@myairmail.com
    Airtouch Pagers 10digitpagernumber@alphapage.airtouch.com
    Airtouch Pagers 10digitpagernumber@airtouch.net
    Airtouch Pagers 10digitpagernumber@airtouchpaging.com
    AlphNow pin@alphanow.net
    Alltel 10digitphonenumber@alltelmessage.com
    Alltel PCS 10digitphonenumber@message.alltel.com
    Ameritech Paging 10digitpagernumber@paging.acswireless.com
    Ameritech Paging 10digitpagernumber@pageapi.com
    Ameritech Clearpath 10digitpagernumber@clearpath.acswireless.com
    Andhra Pradesh Airtel phonenumber@airtelap.com
    Arch Pagers (PageNet) 10digitpagernumber@archwireless.net
    Arch Pagers (PageNet) 10digitpagernumber@epage.arch.com
    Arch Pagers (PageNet) 10digitpagernumber@archwireless.net
    AT&T; PCS 10digitphonenumber@mobile.att.net
    AT&T; Pocketnet PCS 10digitphonenumber@dpcs.mobile.att.net
    Beepwear pagernumber@beepwear.net
    BeeLine GSM phonenumber@sms.beemail.ru
    Bell Atlantic phonenumber@message.bam.com
    Bell Canada phonenumber@txt.bellmobility.ca
    Bell Canada phonenumber@bellmobility.ca
    Bell Mobility (Canada) phonenumber@txt.bell.ca
    Bell Mobility number@txt.bellmobility.ca
    Bell South (Blackberry) number@bellsouthtips.com
    Bell South phonenumber@sms.bellsouth.com
    Bell South phonenumber@wireless.bellsouth.com
    Bell South phonenumber@blsdcs.net
    Bell South phonenumber@bellsouth.cl
    Bell South Mobility phonenumber@blsdcs.net
    Blue Sky Frog phonenumber@blueskyfrog.com
    Bluegrass Cellular phonenumber@sms.bluecell.com
    Boost phonenumber@myboostmobile.com
    BPL mobile phonenumber@bplmobile.comCable & wireless, Panama cellnumber@cwmovil.comCarolina Mobile Communications 10digitpagernumber@cmcpaging.com
    Cellular One East Coast phonenumber@phone.cellone.net
    Cellular One South West phonenumber@swmsg.com
    Cellular One PCS phonenumber@paging.cellone-sf.com
    Cellular One 10digitphonenumber@mobile.celloneusa.com
    Cellular One phonenumber@cellularone.txtmsg.com
    Cellular One phonenumber@cellularone.textmsg.com
    Cellular One phonenumber@cell1.textmsg.com
    Cellular One phonenumber@message.cellone-sf.com
    Cellular One phonenumber@sbcemail.com
    Cellular One West phonenumber@mycellone.com
    Cellular South phonenumber@csouth1.com
    Central Vermont Communications 10digitpagernumber@cvcpaging.com
    CenturyTel phonenumber@messaging.centurytel.net
    Chennai RPG Cellular phonenumber@rpgmail.net
    Chennai Skycell / Airtel phonenumber@airtelchennai.com
    Cincinnati Bell phonenumber@mobile.att.net
    Cingular 10digitphonenumber@cingularme.com
    Cingular Wireless 10digitphonenumber@mycingular.textmsg.com
    Cingular Wireless 10digitphonenumber@mobile.mycingular.com
    Cingular Wireless 10digitphonenumber@mobile.mycingular.net
    Clearnet phonenumber@msg.clearnet.com
    Comcast phonenumber@comcastpcs.textmsg.com
    Communication Specialists 7digitpin@pageme.comspeco.net
    Communication Specialist Companies pin@pager.comspeco.com
    Comviq number@sms.comviq.se
    Cook Paging 10digitpagernumber@cookmail.com
    Corr Wireless Communications phonenumber@corrwireless.net
    Delhi Aritel phonenumber@airtelmail.com
    Delhi Hutch phonenumber@delhi.hutch.co.in
    Digi-Page / Page Kansas 10digitpagernumber@page.hit.net
    Dobson Cellular Systems phonenumber@mobile.dobson.net
    Dobson-Alex Wireless / Dobson-Cellular One phonenumber@mobile.cellularone.com
    DT T-Mobile phonenumber@t-mobile-sms.de
    Dutchtone / Orange-NL phonenumber@sms.orange.nl
    Edge Wireless phonenumber@sms.edgewireless.com
    EMT phonenumber@sms.emt.ee
    Escotel phonenumber@escotelmobile.com
    Fido phonenumber@fido.ca
    Galaxy Corporation 10digitpagernumber.epage@sendabeep.net
    GCS Paging pagernumber@webpager.us
    Goa BPLMobil phonenumber@bplmobile.com
    Golden Telecom phonenumber@sms.goldentele.com
    GrayLink / Porta-Phone 10digitpagernumber@epage.porta-phone.com
    GTE number@airmessage.net
    GTE number@gte.pagegate.net
    GTE 10digitphonenumber@messagealert.com
    Gujarat Celforce phonenumber@celforce.com
    Houston Cellular number@text.houstoncellular.net
    Idea Cellular phonenumber@ideacellular.net
    Infopage Systems pinnumber@page.infopagesystems.com
    Inland Cellular Telephone phonenumber@inlandlink.com
    The Indiana Paging Co last4digits@pager.tdspager.com
    JSM Tele-Page pinnumber@jsmtel.com
    Kerala Escotel phonenumber@escotelmobile.com
    Kolkata Airtel phonenumber@airtelkol.com
    Kyivstar number@smsmail.lmt.lv
    Lauttamus Communication pagernumber@e-page.net
    LMT phonenumber@smsmail.lmt.lv
    Maharashtra BPL Mobile phonenumber@bplmobile.com
    Maharashtra Idea Cellular phonenumber@ideacellular.net
    Manitoba Telecom Systems phonenumber@text.mtsmobility.com
    MCI Phone phonenumber@mci.com
    MCI phonenumber@pagemci.com
    Meteor phonenumber@mymeteor.ie
    Meteor phonenumber@sms.mymeteor.ie
    Metrocall 10digitpagernumber@page.metrocall.com
    Metrocall 2-way 10digitpagernumber@my2way.com
    Metro PCS 10digitphonenumber@mymetropcs.com
    Metro PCS 10digitphonenumber@metropcs.sms.us
    Microcell phonenumber@fido.ca
    Midwest Wireless phonenumber@clearlydigital.com
    MiWorld phonenumber@m1.com.sg
    Mobilecom PA 10digitpagernumber@page.mobilcom.net
    Mobilecomm number@mobilecomm.net
    Mobileone phonenumber@m1.com.sg
    Mobilfone phonenumber@page.mobilfone.com
    Mobility Bermuda phonenumber@ml.bm
    Mobistar Belgium phonenumber@mobistar.be
    Mobitel Tanzania phonenumber@sms.co.tz
    Mobtel Srbija phonenumber@mobtel.co.yu
    Morris Wireless 10digitpagernumber@beepone.net
    Motient number@isp.com
    Movistar number@correo.movistar.net
    Mumbai BPL Mobile phonenumber@bplmobile.com
    Mumbai Orange phonenumber@orangemail.co.in
    NBTel number@wirefree.informe.ca
    Netcom phonenumber@sms.netcom.no
    Nextel 10digitphonenumber@messaging.nextel.com
    Nextel 10digitphonenumber@page.nextel.com
    Nextel 10digitphonenumber@nextel.com.br
    NPI Wireless phonenumber@npiwireless.com
    Ntelos number@pcs.ntelos.com
    O2 name@o2.co.uk
    O2 (M-mail) number@mmail.co.uk
    Omnipoint number@omnipoint.com
    Omnipoint 10digitphonenumber@omnipointpcs.com
    One Connect Austria phonenumber@onemail.at
    OnlineBeep 10digitphonenumber@onlinebeep.net
    Optus Mobile phonenumber@optusmobile.com.au
    Orange phonenumber@orange.net
    Orange Mumbai phonenumber@orangemail.co.in
    Orange – NL / Dutchtone phonenumber@sms.orange.nl
    Oskar phonenumber@mujoskar.cz
    T; Luxembourg phonenumber@sms.luxgsm.lu
    Pacific Bell phonenumber@pacbellpcs.net
    PageMart 7digitpinnumber@pagemart.net
    PageMart Advanced /2way 10digitpagernumber@airmessage.net
    PageMart Canada 10digitpagernumber@pmcl.net
    PageNet Canada phonenumber@pagegate.pagenet.ca
    PageOne NorthWest 10digitnumber@page1nw.com
    PCS One phonenumber@pcsone.net
    Personal Communication sms@pcom.ru (number in subject line)
    Pioneer / Enid Cellular phonenumber@msg.pioneerenidcellular.com
    PlusGSM phonenumber@text.plusgsm.pl
    Pondicherry BPL Mobile phonenumber@bplmobile.com
    Powertel phonenumber@voicestream.net
    Price Communications phonenumber@mobilecell1se.com
    Primco number@primeco@textmsg.com
    Primtel phonenumber@sms.primtel.ru
    ProPage 7digitpagernumber@page.propage.net
    Public Service Cellular phonenumber@sms.pscel.com
    Qualcomm name@pager.qualcomm.com
    Qwest 10digitphonenumber@qwestmp.com
    RAM Page number@ram-page.com
    Rogers AT&T; Wireless phonenumber@pcs.rogers.com
    Rogers Canada 10digitphonenumber@pcs.rogers.com
    Safaricom phonenumber@safaricomsms.com
    Satelindo GSM phonenumber@satelindogsm.com
    Satellink 10digitpagernumber.pageme@satellink.net
    SBC Ameritech Paging 10digitpagernumber@paging.acswireless.com
    SCS-900 phonenumber@scs-900.ru
    SFR France phonenumber@sfr.fr
    Skytel Pagers 7digitpinnumber@skytel.com
    Skytel Pagers number@email.skytel.com
    Simple Freedom phonenumber@text.simplefreedom.net
    Smart Telecom phonenumber@mysmart.mymobile.ph
    Southern LINC 10digitphonenumber@page.southernlinc.com
    Southwestern Bell number@email.swbw.com
    Sprint 10digitphonenumber@sprintpaging.com
    Sprint PCS 10digitphonenumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
    ST Paging pin@page.stpaging.com
    SunCom number@tms.suncom.com
    SunCom number@suncom1.com
    Sunrise Mobile phonenumber@mysunrise.ch
    Sunrise Mobile phonenumber@freesurf.ch
    Surewest Communicaitons phonenumber@mobile.surewest.com
    Swisscom phonenumber@bluewin.ch
    T-Mobile 10digitphonenumber@tmomail.net
    T-Mobile 10digitphonenumber@voicestream.net
    T-Mobile Austria phonenumber@sms.t-mobile.at
    T-Mobile Germany phonenumber@t-d1-sms.de
    T-Mobile UK phonenumber@t-mobile.uk.net
    Tamil Nadu BPL Mobile phonenumber@bplmobile.com
    Tele2 Latvia phonenumber@sms.tele2.lv
    Telefonica Movistar phonenumber@movistar.net
    Telenor phonenumber@mobilpost.no
    Teletouch 10digitpagernumber@pageme.teletouch.com
    Telia Denmark phonenumber@gsm1800.telia.dk
    Telus phonenumber@msg.telus.com
    TIM 10digitphonenumber@timnet.com
    Triton phonenumber@tms.suncom.com
    TSR Wireless pagernumber@alphame.com
    TSR Wireless pagernumber@beep.com
    UMC phonenumber@sms.umc.com.ua
    Unicel phonenumber@utext.com
    Uraltel phonenumber@sms.uraltel.ru
    US Cellular 10digitphonenumber@email.uscc.net
    US Cellular 10digitphonenumber@uscc.textmsg.com
    US West number@uswestdatamail.com
    Uttar Pradesh Escotel phonenumber@escotelmobile.com
    Verizon Pagers 10digitpagernumber@myairmail.com
    Verizon PCS 10digitphonenumber@vtext.com
    Verizon PCS 10digitphonenumber@myvzw.com
    Vessotel phonenumber@pager.irkutsk.ru
    Virgin Mobile phonenumber@vmobl.com
    Virgin Mobile phonenumber@vxtras.com
    Vodafone Italy number@sms.vodafone.it
    Vodafone Japan phonenumber@c.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Japan phonenumber@h.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Japan phonenumber@t.vodafone.ne.jp
    Vodafone Spain phonenumber@vodafone.es
    Vodafone UK phonenumber@vodafone.net
    VoiceStream / T-Mobile 10digitphonenumber@voicestream.net
    WebLink Wiereless pagernumber@airmessage.net
    WebLink Wiereless pagernumber@pagemart.net
    West Central Wireless phonenumber@sms.wcc.net
    Western Wireless phonenumber@cellularonewest.com

  255. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to check my email that’s being sent to my BoostMobile phone from Outlook Express or any other mail program?
    I’m getting SPAMMED on my phone and I’d like to check out or delete the messages before I download them to my phone. Is there a way to get a virus/worm on your phone from this junk?

  256. Anonymous says:

    How do you send an e-mail to someone in ohio using a revol phone?

  257. Cory says:

    AT&T; needs to be updated in the main list! (see Radiostar’s post)

  258. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know how to do this to an Australian phone? Carrier is Telestra.. If you can find out thanks! =P

  259. Anonymous says:

    AT&T; is actually:
    yourphonenumber@txt.att.net for SMS
    yourphonenumber@mms.att.net for MMS


    good stuff. be sure that when you send pictures it’s not too big (300kb is good), else they won’t receive it.


  260. Anonymous says:

    im looking for the address for mobi pcs. its a provider here in hawaii. any help please?

  261. V says:

    Hello Great info here. My question is sort of the inverse of this posting’s title:
    How can we forward text messages to an email address (automatically)?
    I am looking for a nice way to archive my text messages. It’s a great form of communication. It would be great to keep a record of some fun threads.

  262. DIZZIE says:


  263. Anonymous says:


  264. Anonymous says:

    I found an even cooler site called http://www.enotifyme.com it allows me to convert my email to voice (email to phone) and listen to it on any landline or mobile phone and I can reply by voice back to the originating sender 🙂 They also allow ‘cascading’ so I can selectively have emails reach me at home, then on my cell as a text message, then at the office and so on – kind of the ICQ version of what teleflip’s 1 trick pony approach is about.

  265. Anonymous says:

    U.S. Cellular is 10digit number@email.uscc.net

    and to send a text message via the web is http://usc.ztango.com/uscwmss

    and others at http://www.streetpavement.com

  266. Anonymous says:

    When AT&T; was Cingular, they let you manage your identity with alias’ so you give someone joeblow@cingularme.com (now joeblow@txt.att.net) instead of 617-555-1222@cingularme.com. Now if you go to http://www.cingularme.com, you get the message of temporarily unavailable, and it’s been this way for 6+ months. Tough to manage identities this way.

  267. Anonymous says:

    What is the address for US Cellular?

  268. Randy Savage says:

    dude. you rock!

  269. Anonymous says:

    SMS is awesome!!! I wanted to sell tickets to a sporting event and I use the SMS thingy on Oddbark.com and it is really amazing! I was getting many responses and was able to unload them without ever getting on a computer. Oddbark.com’s use of this feature is fabulous!!!!

  270. gwendolen says:

    Have been trying for WEEKS to text an Orange phone in the UK from a Sprint phone here in the US. I am receiving texts, but they are not receiving mine.

    I tried their UK number @orange.net to no avail.
    Have spent HOURS on the phone with Sprint, they don’t know what is wrong. Any ideas, other loopholes??
    Thank you. GB

  271. sandhu says:

    thank u very very much for such info,can u tell me if i have to send email to a phone in india to airtel co what will be email address for airtel co

  272. Anonymous says:

    Oddbark.com (a free classifieds website)uses this fantastic resource. It’s users who post ads can get responses from potential buyers. I think it’s awesome and it’s certainly the wave of the future!!!!

  273. Htowncoco says:

    Great Resource. Thanks!!!

  274. Chris says:

    What about AMP’D Mobile?
    would I be able to email MP3’s to my phone?

    This is a great resourse!

  275. Mean Dean says:

    Here’s a link that contains at last count 234 SMS gateway email domains, not just in the U.S. either:


    Hope this helps.


  276. Anonymous says:

    Is there a more comprehensive list of other countries’ carrier sms gateways? for example, what would be the address to send an SMS to someone in U.A.E using “Etisalat” as the wireless provider?

    thanks in advance

  277. Anonymous says:

    This is a really wonderful site thank you soo much!!! You saved me from having too call and explain too Sprint what I wanted your the best!!

  278. Anonymous says:

    What is the email for Cellular One users?!

  279. Anonymous says:

    i tried it and it worked, but it didn’t send my attachment? was it too big? Do i have to do something special for attachments?

  280. Anonymous says:

    And what if you don’t want to receive emails from people as text messages that you have to pay for? Is there a way to block this?

  281. Anonymous says:

    Just fyi, ntelos’s is <10-digit number>@ pcs.ntelos.net

    Or, that’s my friend’s.

  282. Anonymous says:

    I want to send message from website to cell phone, and I am using php mail()
    But it keeps saying it is from my server email address and I want it to say from webmaster@site.com

  283. Jim says:

    RE: THe problem is that when I send to 1234567890@tmomail.net from email, when the message appears on the phone, the sender field has a short number in it, like 512 or 5002, not a number that the end person can reply to.

    SOLUTION: Using the original message received on the phone, reply to the SMS message and T-Mobile knows where the header came from and replies properly. At least that has been my expeience.

  284. Anonymous says:

    Could you please find out mobi pcs’s email address as well? Its a original company in Hawaii…Ive been trying to figure it out, but no one seems to put the info on web, even on the website…

  285. Anonymous says:

    how about trac-phone

  286. Anonymous says:

    Orange uses ##########@orange.net

  287. Robby says:

    didnt think it would work, thanks

  288. Anonymous says:

    Thanks alot for the info

  289. Do you know anything about how different companies send SMS? I say how you can do it with TeleFlip on your website. Do they find the carrier for you? What about companies like VeriSign?

    Thank you, Andrea

  290. Dylan says:

    Re Centennial Wireless: The email format may be 10digitnumber@cwemail.com, according to this page (however, I haven’t tested this and don’t know for sure.

    Re Orange: I can really only cover U.S. carriers on this blog. If Orange’s web site doesn’t have a form for sending SMSes, I’m afraid you may be out of luck.

    As for changing the sender field: Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to do this. Many email-to-SMS gateways only handle one-way communication, so you can send an email to someone’s phone via SMS, but they can’t reply to you. That’s why the gateway rewrites the sender field this way.

    • Naz says:

      …… I don't know if this overrides what you just stated at the end but:

      I have AT&T w. ONLY txting (can't get email to work- no at&t web session)

      When I did a practice run, I used my gmail account (on computer) & my cell… Sent from gmail using 10DigitNumber@@txt.att.net & I got it as a txt with the TO coming up as 1010100001 So I sent a reply back using the reply number. The reply showed up on my gmail. When I looked at what the FROM was it came up as 10DigitNumber@@txt.att.net. My cell can use short numbers to send txts.

      Here's the conversation: [Gmail to Cell]

      From: Mystery <Username@gmail.com>

      To: 10DigitNumber@txt.att.net

      Mailed-by gmail.com

      lets c if this works

      Repy by Cell to Gmail:

      From: 10DigitNumber@txt.att.net

      To: Username@gmail.com


      [The ONLY thing that changed was that at the end of the message there was this: "This mobile text message is brought to you by AT&T"]

      Overall? So could it be because of my cell or my carrier? Or the fact that in my cell's phonebook, I have my own cell number as 10DigitNumber@txt.att.net saved

      Note: I went to SUPPORT -> Tutorials -> Selected my cell from the menu

      & Checked email & Sms… [I think it's because of the specific cell that you can't reply… I will find out when my new cell comes in & start gettin replies from FB]

  291. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know how to set the sender field on the sms-email gateways? I assume there is some header in the email that can be set. THe problem is that when I send to 1234567890@tmomail.net from email, when the message appears on the phone, the sender field has a short number in it, like 512 or 5002, not a number that the end person can reply to. I’d like to send from email and set the reply to number to be my cell number. any thoughts — please email to tttt@biocontact.org

  292. Celia says:

    Does anyone know the email format to use for Centennial Wireless users?

  293. Anonymous says:

    Great web site for U.S. service providers SMS addresses, but can someone explain what’s the deal with sending an email from a PC to an int’l cell phone. I want to send an email to a cell phone based in the U.K. whose provider is Orange. I’ve tried links that say they can facilitate but to no avail. I went to the Orange web site (www.orange.co.uk), but they aren’t forthcoming. Can you offer any advice? Thank you!

  294. Anonymous says:

    fyi, if the Cingular customer orignially had service via AT&T;, then the address is [10-digit phone number]@mmode.com

  295. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the resource! You rocks!!!

  296. Anonymous says:

    With my children living out of state and not always being able to get in touch with them teleflip.com is wonderful! Thank you for making this connection for me.

  297. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for such simple and actually telling us what our email should look like step by step

    I wanted to send a picture of my children for my cell phone

    and you helped make it possible for I am not tech smart

    and mine is a simple phone just for basics

  298. JesusLovesYou says:

    Thank you very much…your site is awesome!!!

  299. Dylan says:

    Beyond GSM does offer SMS, and it costs 8 cents/message to send an SMS and 6 cents/message to receive one on your Beyond GSM phone. However, I haven’t been able to find out if Beyond GSM phones have email addresses … I’m still searching though, and will post the information when I find it!

  300. Anonymous says:


  301. Jane says:

    This is such an amazing resource. Thank you! You rule 🙂

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