Boost Mobile SMS email how-to

If you’ve got a cell phone from Boost Mobile, here’s what you need to know about using SMS text messaging with your mobile.

  • Maximum message length: 160 characters.
  • What happens to longer messages: Unknown.
  • Cost per message: For pay-as-you-go plans, it’s 10 cents per message to send or receive. For unlimited plan users, it’s 10 cents per message to send; free to receive. (Same pricing when you send messages to overseas recipients.) Multimedia messages (MMS) cost 25 cents each to send or receive.
  • For more information: Boost Mobile Messaging FAQ
  • Sending email to your phone: Use the address format [10-digit phone number]

Here’s a handy tip for Boost customers: When you’re sending a text message to a friend who’s also on Boost, you can include reply options right within their message. That way, when they get your SMS, all they have to do is select a reply — they don’t have to key in a whole message back to you. When you’re sending a text message from an email program on your computer, put 2 tildes (~) before the response section and hit return after each response.

For example:
Are you going to the Shania Twain concert?
~ Definitely. (Hit Enter/Return)
~ Nope, wouldn’t be caught dead there.(Hit Enter/Return)
~ Maybe, gotta check with my parents. (Hit Enter/Return)

Updated 8/5/2015

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67 Responses to Boost Mobile SMS email how-to

  1. juan says:

    Hi everyone, I need to be able to read sms through my PC.
    Can anyone help?….
    thank you

  2. t. collins says:

    Those that are having trouble try: (10 digit # @),then, (sms.) before ( NO (1) in prefix in USA, spaces or dashes.


    Hope this helps,

  3. cathy carrara says:

    Can send text messages but do not receive them. HELP!

  4. I just got a boost mobile cell for $230 which is a android motorolaor i1…….and i heard that on 1/1/13 any1 that has a boost cell with the chirp that they are going to shut off all the cells that have the chirp. I want to know if there is anyway you can stop the chirp some how or send in and get the chirp taking out. we went to get it and my boyfiend asked every question to the place we got it and the man said nothing is wrong on it and he said no there is nothing wrong!!!!! which now I know was a lye!!!!!! please some1 that now alout about cells let me know
    thank you Samatha K.

  5. I have been a boost customer for over 2 1/2yrs, by bill is $43.40/mn unlimited…But quess what the sevice has sucked since March! I drop calls left and right/texes do not go through/and dont even try to get into the internet!! Sprint/boost said in March that they were going 4g and it would be taken care of in a few weeks? Well guess what now they have for the 4th time moved the date up until August 2012….WTF??? I think all these customers of Sprint and Boost need to be compensated A.S.A.P!!!! dont you all agree?

  6. l says:

    umm red tube . com takes me to a porn site… NOT a boost mobile manager… just wanted to let u know DONT go there … unless u want porn .. so maybe u could post the correct add someone?

  7. lida says:

    details my acount texts and msm

  8. Lorie says:

    How do I access pictures taken with my phone online? I have a boost email account, but I have noooo clue how to access it! Anyone have any idea?????

  9. Katy says:

    Hi, does anybody know why am I receiving “code” messages instead of text someone send me? It’s happening since I’ve got motorola i465. Thanks

  10. sharongullion says:

    I can’t get my SMS for my Boost Blackberry set up and I can’t log in or create a new acc’t for different E-mail acct’s….

  11. jennifer griffin says:

    i have a boost phone and i can not sent messages to anybody or get messages from anybody

  12. Lisa USA says:

    I am going to be out of the country for almost 30 days. Is there a way to check my Voice Mail from my laptop, I will not be able to use telephone very much do to cost. However, there is an internet cafe in a small town about 10 minutes away from where I will be staying. I cant find any information on my Boost Account about this. Maybe some of you can help me!
    Thanks so much in advance!

  13. RileyUSA says:

    Every since I upgraded my phone to the samsung rant, i have been getting text messages sent to my fb friends and twitter.
    All it says is “STOP ALL”.
    It does it early in the morning about 5:40 am and has done it twice since I changed.
    Anyone else have this problem and how do I fix it?
    Riley 🙂

  14. brianna says:

    ok i have a boost incognito and im tryna get yahoo mobile on my phone to upload the pics from my yahoo. is that possible?

  15. jessikah_rae says:

    ok can someone please help me? how can i view my full text messages on my boost online account?

  16. Blacky says:

    How can I get to my messages from Home computer not Handset?

  17. Tyler Lewis says:

    I just got my phone yesterday. I switched from a iden to a cdma. When I try and send a text. It says they are sent. But never get where they are supposed to. I can't recieve any either. Everything else is working just fine.

  18. jess says:

    can i send a picture from my email to a boost phone if so hoe

  19. Mary says:

    I sent a message with a picture to my boost mobile friend but he dosen’t know how to get them. Can you advise?

  20. wayne says:

    How do you send a gif to the i776 boost phone

  21. Richard says:

    I have no data cable. Can I send a pic from my phone to my PC via Email?

    • Micky says:

      for a while i could but it will cost you. nowadays it wont recievein my email when i send it, yet it will be noted as Sent.

  22. jordan says:

    i am getting cause code 98 and cant send or receive messages…help me!

  23. b.hamilton says:

    im getting txt msgs with the return address a 5 digit number with no name. (such as 69555) how can i reply or find out who is sending msgs?

    • Claude says:

      you can always text the word "stop" (without the quotes) if you are receiving text messages from those 5 digit numbers.

  24. mariana says:

    i have a phone from boost mobile and its 50 dollars a month but my dad pays and then i run out of money in my account because supposevly i send mms but i dont include pictures or audio ar anything i just wanna text not send pix or anythin how can i get regular text messaging and not mms

  25. Richard says:

    I was having issues receiving texts from a friend to whom I'd sent a text by email, and it turned out that in order to receive texts by email, you need to include a Subject line in your original email – at least, that's what seemed to fix it for me.
    Just felt I should share this in case anyone else had similar problems.

  26. guest says:

    i cand send from e-mail to boost but when i send from boost to e-mail, it doesn't work

  27. Tyler says:

    Hey does anybody know how to send an email to a boost phone????
    I tried using their website but it didn't work. I know u can text verizon phones just by putting in the phone but how do u do it for a boost phone?

  28. Anonymous says:

    I didn't read all the replies to this thread but I am not recieving replies to text messages I send to an email address, after testing this myself to my own email address I figured out the problem. People who recieve messages from my phone see the address as and that address does not work. It should be without the 1 in front of it. If I send a message from my email without the 1 in front it works just fine. I am going to complain to boost customer support about this issue.

  29. inctystyle says:

    using boost mobile,,i have the i776 motorola ,is there software out there that i can use in pc to download sent and recived text messages,i have seen programs for ring tones ,and numerous other functions,i have the data cable also but pc/cell are both bluetooth capable is there away to interface them wireless ? ty great web site

  30. Jaymz says:

    I am looking to find the number of a friend. How do I go about that?

  31. Anonymous says:

    what pic format do I use to send to my boost mobile phone? when I send a .JPG it tells me it's an unknown format. ???

  32. Anonymous says:

    i have boost mobile and i very dissapointed,expend almost 200.00and service its really bad….
    Dont Use Boost Mobile it sucks,text and web works whenever,
    you have to call every time to refresh we dont have al the time of the world……….

    • Mandy says:

      Well, it all depends what area you are in at the time. Boost has funny little spots it doesn't work in, but it works overall for me. If you do have a problem with it, it just needs a Master Reset. **Menu> **Settings> **Advanced> **Connectivity> **Master Reset **000000 **Yes/OK **Turn phone back on after about a minute or two **OK for Browser Update. Should work after that. i hope this helps some people! 🙂

  33. Anonymous says:

    so i cant send a regular sms message .. it only sends out mms messages .. i dont kno why .. how do i fix it

  34. Anonymous says:

    What a rip off! Boost mobile says unlimited…… Well, if you want email sent to your phone that is extra. What a big disappointment.

    • tcpo says:

      if you buy the blackberry from Boost you can have up multiple e-mail accounts accessable and usable right from your desktop.

  35. shanquella says:

    i need to know how to gain access to the boost mobile email account from my phone!! when someone sends me o pic&sound; txt it says "CONTENTS WAS MOVED BECAUSE YOUR HANDSET CANNOT DISPLAY IT> PLEASE GO TO YOUR WEB ACCOUNTY TO VIEW THE FULL MESSAGE" how do i go about doing hat????

  36. dacier2000 says:

    something wrong with my phone every time some one calling i can't it on the scream and the answer machine pick it up

  37. Rafael says:

    Ok, I'm sending messages throught my psp to a Boost Mobile Costumer, I'm I going to get charged or is he?

  38. Rafael says:

    Ok, I have a psp and I'm sending messages to a Boost Mobile costumer, I'm I going to get charge or is he?

  39. sonexus says:

    I just bought a Motorola i425 for Boost Mobile prapaid. I am able to send text messages to friends just fine. When I recieve text messages, the phone does not display the senders phone number or even signature so I have no idea who I am talking to. Also, I can’t seem to reply to texts that friends send me either. The majority of my friends are on Alltel and Verizon.
    What gives?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hi well I would like to know how to read all my text messages that I sent and recieved. My phone is broken and I had all the sent and recieved text saved. How can I access and get to them online. There must be a way but when I go to the account activity online it just says when I did one but does not show it.

  41. ROB_POR says:

    hello there, you know when you receive a media mail, and then you delete a picture? it tells you that the picture that you deleted is still available through the website inbox, how do i get to that inbox?

  42. Anonymous says:

    hello there, you know when you receive a media mail, and then you delete a picture? it tells you that the picture that you deleted is still available through the website inbox, how do i get the that inbox?

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. Anonymous says:

    hello there, you know when you receive a media mail, and then you delete a picture? it tells you that the picture that you deleted is still available through the website inbox, how do i get the that inbox?

  45. Anonymous says:

    someone is sending me raunchy sms text and i cannot reply or see who is sending it. What can i do????

  46. Anonymous says:

    I have boost mobile to, and sometimes when you send messsages it takes a while for them to get the message. It has taken up to 4 or 5 hours for one of my messages to reach my friends. but after a few sent ones, they’ll get them right away.

    hope this help!

  47. Chrissy says:

    I dont have any problems with Boost mobile text msgs. However, I do not understand what “Missed Events” means(?) When I miss a call or if I don’t pay attention to the alarm ringing, my phone will list these as Missed Events instead of a missed call or turning off the alarm. If someone sends me a text msg, it also shows as a missed event. Does anyone know what thats all about?

  48. Anonymous says:

    I’d like you guys to check out to find outif it works in the US with Boost. You’ll get a couple of free SMS credits and if you need more just send an email to support. Any testing appreciated as we are considering to move into the US.

  49. annoyed with textin on a boost phone says:

    guess what i got that same probile i cannt reply to it. i think all email text’s to your phone is accepted as a MMS thus going to the inbox folder. i tested on my sprint phone to send myself a MMS i got it in the inbox folder and replied and my sprint phone got it as a text with the subject included. I have text nextel people before and i noticed the phones are similar so i wonder how they been texting me back? Oh welll

  50. Anonymous says:

    I just purchased a Boost Mobile phone – a Motorola i415. When one of my friends sent me a txt message, it appeared in the SMS folder, but I was surprised to see there were no reply options. So I downloaded the full version of the user’s manual from Boost’s site, and much to my amazement, found that it said while I could receive SMS messages on my phone, I can’t send them (this seems asinine in the extreme). Anyhow, I downloaded a couple other manuals for other Boost Models, and they say the same thing! They then continue to describe just what “Boost Mobile Text Messaging” is…which seems to be the same as, well…SMS. Sound confusing?

    I used an online SMS service to send myself a text message, to test things out. When I had to select the carrier, I chose Boost…but then nothing came. So I decided to send another, selecting Nextel, and that arrived instantly, again, in the SMS folder. About two minutes after, the one I sent first, selecting Boost, arrived also, but in the “Inbox” folder, which offered a “Reply” button, and showed the sender – in an email address format.

    I’ve used the “Create Mesg” option, and filled in a friend’s phone number beside “To:” — but they aren’t receiving my messages.

    So, what I’d like to know from anyone out there: Is this standard with Boost phones? Or is it just the particular model I have which is causing the aggrivation. To send a txt message from my phone, to someone else, do I have to type their number in an email format for Boost to send it properly? E.g.,

    I get the “Message Sent!” screen each time, but no one gets anything. Any help on this would be very much appreciated, ’cause otherwise, I’m just going to take the damn thing back in a few days, if I can’t get it sorted.

  51. Jelena says:

    hi! I`m from Bosnia,but I`m living now in the USA.I`m wonderind whether I can send sms to my friends in Bosnia or not?

  52. Dylan says:

    Obviously there’s some kind of glitch in the gateway between your U.K. carrier and Boost Mobile in the USA. I don’t know if there’s anything you can do about this. Maybe your friend could contact Boost Mobile customer service?

  53. english guy says:

    I live in england and can receive texts from a friend in USA with Boost Mobile. But she does not receive replies from me when I send texts… I can call her no problems… any idea.. I can text plenty of other people in USA on other networks

    • fred says:

      Boost is part of sprint. Text messages to a print phone wont go through if the number has the long distance number (1) on the number. I assume that boost is owned by sprint that the same conditions apply. EX. 1-555-555-5555 wont go through but 555-555-5555 will. I hope this helps

    • flyinghigh1988 says:

      all you need to do is hit one and than the number after bc you have to do it with boost and sprint phones bc they are usa company thats it i now thats what i had to do when i was over seas to call my grilfriend back in the states and that what she had was boost and i had at@t bc my phone was doing the same thing so just save the number in your phone as 1-555-555-5555 and it will go throw

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