Press 1 to say ‘Happy Birthday’ on Facebook via SMS

31-07-2015 by Dylan Tweney

If you’ve enabled SMS notifications in Facebook, the social network rolled out a new feature this week.

It will send you a text message when one of your friends’ birthdays rolls around.

To wish them a “Happy Birthday” all you have to do is reply to Facebook’s text with a message containing a single digit: 1.

That’s right: No more shopping for birthday cards. No more picking up the phone. You don’t even have to open the Facebook app and manually type out “H-A-P-P-Y—-B-D-A-Y” any more. All you have to do is reply to a single message with “1”.

Lazy? Yes. Thoughtful? Arguably. Maybe it’s time to turn on text message reminders in Facebook now so you, too, can capitalize on this labor-saving tip. :)

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