Google SMS tips & tricks.

Now you know that Google SMS can help you get useful information via text messaging. What else can you do with this handy free service? A lot, including currency conversions, calculations, and even translations!

The key to all of these Google SMS searches is to enter a word describing the kind of search you want to do first, followed by the query. Once you’ve entered your request, just send the text message via SMS to 46645 — that spells “GOOGL” on your keypad. Remember to enter the digits “46645,” not the letters (those letters are just to help you remember the code).

For the basics on Google SMS, see Google via SMS. For the basics on how to compose and send an SMS message, see How to create an SMS message.

Now for a few examples!

Dictionary definitions: Enter the word “define” followed by a word. Example: define supernumerary

Translations: Enter the word “translate” followed by an English word, then the word “in” and the name of the language you want. Example: translate coffee in French

Price lookups: At the store and want to find out if you’re getting a fair price on something? Do a Froogle search on the fly, via SMS, by entering the word “price” followed by a product. Example: price 40GB ipod

Calculator: Sure, your phone probably has a calculator app that can do simple multiplication and division. But Google SMS can do fancy geometric and engineering calculations with figures in many kinds of units. Here’s an example: 400 * 500 feet in acres

Currency conversions: Want to know how far your dollar will go in Germany? Enter a number of dollars followed by “usd” (for U.S. Dollars) followed by “in” and the name of a currency. Example: 100 usd in euros

Find out where an area code or ZIP code is: Just enter the code and send it to Google. Example: 650

Sports scores and game times: Just enter the name of a team and Google SMS replies with the most recent game’s score and the date and time of the next one. Example: sf giants

Need help using Google SMS? Just send the word “help” in an SMS message to Google, and it will send a helpful mini-guide back to you. Or send the word “tips” for some shortcuts you can use with Google SMS.

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11 Responses to Google SMS tips & tricks.

  1. ash says:

    Mike, yes it is now 466453 so it now completly spells GOOGLE hope this helps !

  2. Mike says:

    Using 46645 in a text doesn’t work anymore, it stopped about a week ago….any suggestions..

  3. angela says:

    this is so cool like you can check the weather. way cool

  4. flutturz says:

    I was wondering if theresd a way i could use sms google to identify unkown pills. Have a problematic teenager & it would b great to just enter the imprint & hit send. plz let me know. tnks

  5. Anonymous says:

    This information has been so helpful! Thank you very much! 🙂

  6. Ellen says:

    Does anyone know where you can get good software similar to Google’s for a business? I’m looking for something that would allow clients to text a term to our number and then we’d text an automated response back based on what they requested.

  7. Jones says:

    i tried to use the service but once i sent the message to 46645, my carrier sent me a message stating that i could not utilize your service. Why is that?

  8. I just found out about google SMS a few weeks ago and it is great….i use all the time for sports scores, definitions, information about businesss. I am moving to Indianapolis from a small city and it may be helpful with directions as well. It is great for cheapsters who do not want to pay for the internet on their phone

  9. OMG! This is soooooooooo very thankful. I want a fancy PDA phone (just for looks; call me vain), but don’t want to add an internet package to my bill! Knowing these SMS tips will certainly help me out! 🙂

  10. IVAN says:

    Omg!thanks so much.I love this!!!!

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