SMS messages as forensic evidence.

Be careful what you send in a text message. A company called Paraben Corp. sells software that allows police to retrieve SMS messages that you’ve sent or received on your phone. In fact, at least one killer got nabbed when the police found a text message on his phone confessing to the murder he’d just committed.

How long do text messages linger on your phone? That depends on how actively you text. If you send a lot of SMSes, old messages might only stick around for two weeks or so. For less avid texters, old messages could linger for a couple months.

Generation Text Finds It Isn’t Easy Getting Rid of Cellphone Messages (WSJ – subscription may be required)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I wanted to know if you know more about the case you’re refering to, the killer who has been nabbed when th police found the text?
    I’m making a study about this kind of cases, so i would be very interested!
    thank you very much

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