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SMS searching, the Windows way.

Not one to be left behind by Google, 4INFO, and Yahoo, Microsoft has just launched its own SMS search service. It works a lot like the others do: You create a text message with your query, then send it to … Continue reading

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Sprint users with Palm 700wx phones: SMS trouble.

According to, some users of Sprint’s 700wx have had problems sending SMS text messages. In some instances, Treo users are not able to send SMS messages to recipients using other carriers or certain other Sprint phones. In other cases, … Continue reading

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SMS messages as forensic evidence.

Be careful what you send in a text message. A company called Paraben Corp. sells software that allows police to retrieve SMS messages that you’ve sent or received on your phone. In fact, at least one killer got nabbed when … Continue reading

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Send SMS messages from Skype.

Good news for people who use Skype: You can send SMS text messages to your friends’ mobile phones from within Skype. You need to have Skype 2.5 for this to work. For Mac users with the beta (pre-production) version of … Continue reading

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New SMS speed record.

Think you can text pretty fast? Try typing this 160-character sentence: “The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.” A 16-year-old Singaporean student, … Continue reading

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Breaking up via SMS.

SMS text messaging is useful for a lot of things: Sending notes to your friends when you’re in a meeting or some other place you can’t talk; letting people know where you are without interrupting whatever they’re doing; passing love … Continue reading

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San Francisco quake alerts via SMS.

Do you live or work in San Francisco, or know someone who does? AlertSF is a free service that will send text messages to your phone, BlackBerry, or pager whenever an earthquake occurs in the city. The alerts may also … Continue reading

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Texting for prizes.

High school students in Chula Vista, California recently got a surprise visit from hiphop mogul Diddy. How? Students at the school sent more text messages than any other San Diego area school during a local radio station contest. During the … Continue reading

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SMS Viruses: Should You Be Worried?

Last week, the antivirus software company McAfee announced that they’d seen several examples of malicious software targeting people via SMS. McAfee dubbed these “SMiShing attacks,” for “SMS phishing.” (Phishing is a kind of fraud where people send bogus email messages, … Continue reading

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AMBER Alerts via SMS.

AMBER Alerts go out whenever the police have information about child abductions. In many cases, these alerts — which are usually displayed on TV broadcasts, freeway information signs, and other public places — have resulted in timely tips that have … Continue reading

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